• Virtual assistant jobs
    Truelancer fulfils the demand of any employer by making the best provision of virtual assistants for them. The virtual assistant holds the client of the company from their loyalty along with their ability of their skills and knowledge. Truelancer has the candid nature that is carrying a flexible schedule with ample of communication options. The company has the participants for the vacancy who have accuracy, integrity, kindly nature, resourcefulness etc. Truelancer will never let down their employer in giving the candidates according to their needs and potential. The excellent qualities of their services are their best attributes. https://www.truelancer.com/freelance-virtual-assistant-jobs
  • Ryan DeVon
    I'm looking for investors, architects and developers to partner with me to build an international backpacker Hostel in Atlanta, Georgia. rds.virtual@hotmail.com
  • Yantram Animation Studio
    YANTRAM STUDIO, flourished out as a Global Brand in the world of Imagination and designing. Our Studio strongly represent our decade old arduous journey to become a top class renowned brand for 3D designing, an envy to every studio in the CGI world. Since 2004 At YantramStudio, we proudly offer 3D Architectural (Exterior, 2D Floor Plan - Interactive 3D Floor Plan , Rendering Images Walkthrough Animation) 3D Interior Design , Landscape Design Services, Digital Interactive Media Agency, Virtual Reality Application Development (Interactive Virtual Tour), 3D Medical Animation, Sketchup modeling, Augmented Reality Apps Development , Corporate Animated Video Production , Movie and Game Character Modeling and Animation, 360 Degree Panoramic Tour and Product Modeling & Animation. We takes pride in offering the highest quality of Architectural / Entertainment Industry. We integrated Latest touch screen Technology like Wearable Device, Google Cardboard, Oculus and Hand Tracking Services for 3D Game Design Technology. For more visit us at http://www.yantramstudio.com
  • Quentin Ferguson
    Editor of vpnmouse.com website, author of articles which help our users to understand the principles of virtual private network technology and use it in everyday life. https://vpnmouse.com/
  • Mutual Mobile
    Mutual Mobile is a mobile app development company specializing in augmented reality app development, virtual reality development, internet of things development, conversation design, and enterprise chatbot solutions.
  • Stacked Homes
    Stacked Homes lets home buyers and sellers in Singapore buy and sell directly through our web platform, saving them on commissions. We feature virtual tours and illustrations of various homes in Singapore. Check us out at stackedhomes.com today.
  • DCMTL Blog
    DCMTL Blog, aims to be the voice that keeps a virtual finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in the Central District hood and greater Montreal. Our blog strives to cultivate a community spirit and includes several services, such as workshops and networking events where like-minded business owners can gather and collectively share, learn and grow together in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Visit: http://www.dcmtlblog.com/ https://www.facebook.com/DCMTLBlog/ https://twitter.com/dcmtlblog/ https://www.instagram.com/dcmtlblog/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwxOHvYahlqa6KPK3bTtofw
  • vijay jadav
    BlueRibbon 3D animation studio is a leading 3D walkthrough animation services provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Since 2010, they have been pushing the limits of what can be achieved with 3D architectural rendering and animation techniques. Their services are regularly used by clients belonging to such sectors as architecture, product designing and interior designing. Known for offering highly precise and accurate expertise, the experts at BlueRibbon 3D are capable of offering reliable services on a wide range of areas like 3D animations, 3D architectural, 3D rendering, virtual reality, product animation, augmented reality development, walkthrough, web development, corporate presentation, graphic design. So if you are looking for high quality 3D architectural walkthrough designs. www.Blueribbon3d.com
  • Vrender Company
    "Vrender Company was founded in 2001 and has become one of USA leading digital technology companies in CGI - team of professionals, which are specializes in a 3D architectural rendering and design industry and has an extensive experience in creating the most striking images of architectural projects for clients worldwide. Company offer high-end quality service in creating digital visualizations for architects, designers, developers, builders, owners, marketing & advertising agencies, architectural and design studios, real estate and multinational retail corporations worldwide and always happy to have new partners. Company is always keep up with a new upcoming technologies and trends of architectural design ,3D modeling and visualization and always one step ahead of the competition. Company provide services such as 3D Interior visualization, Architectural Rendering , CAD Drafting, Architectural Design, 3D Architectural Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Tours for virtual reality headsets, and much more. "
  • Earthworld Architects & Interiors
    In the making of meaningful things… With our world becoming more and more global - virtual and less defined, the need for defining the “Heimat” has become greater than ever. Meaning has become more important than ever. Falling Waters by Frank Lloyd Wright, transcends the physical to become an an icon; to become a “Meaningful Things”. It epitomized progress without being Industrial... A symbol of innovation whilst acknowledging the context without trying to imitate or assimilate. The wordplay is important as the “Industrial” refers to the systemization of technology. Falling Waters defined (at that stage) the difference between Building and Architecture. Today, however, Architecture is moving more and more towards the system; or architecture’s critical relationship to the system within which it functions. The complex contextual matrix of fitting into the global as well as the neighbourhood has brought architecture to a cross road. With cities and communities becoming virtual the role of the architect as “Place Maker” is changing. Identifying with certain culture, without actually or physically being at a certain location has become the norm. Gathering meaning is becoming increasingly arbitrary. Context, particularly in a country with “Real Problems” this is more evident than anywhere else in the world. Buildings can have a much greater role than merely fulfilling a critical function. Every intervention must have maximum benefit on an industrial, social, economic and most importantly, phenomenological level. Every opportunity to build must be used as catalyst for change and up-liftment. The question however, remains. Has the role of the Architect changed? Are we becoming designers of systems, applying “technology”… or do we create modern cathedrals, structures that transcend reality. Buildings that become Icons, gathering meaning rather than being machines. Buildings that becomes central figures in the drama of everyday life.
  • LinkIT
    We offer a range of I.T services for businesses at a competative price and don't charge call out fees in SE QLD. We aim to deliver a reliable network and provide ongoing maintenance of systems. Cloud Services, Server Virtualization, Solutions Integration, Managed I.T Services, Full-Service I.T Support, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Budget Planning, Network Design, Network Security Audits. Visit Our Website http://www.linkit.net.au/
  • Drewett Works
    Relaxing. Working. Cooking. Sharing. “I begin every project by studying the way my client lives, works, plays…the things that are the fabric of our daily lives,” says CP Drewett, AIA, NCARB, founder and president of Drewett Works. "Then, listening to their needs and discovering their affinities, we seek to weave beautiful architectural designs that make everyday living spectacular.” Utilizing hand-drawn renderings, 3D computer modeling, and virtual reality, the DW team brings centuries-old techniques of architectural design-by-hand together with modern technology to present design concepts in an engaging and frame-worthy presentation. Adept at navigating the design review process in even the most demanding communities and municipalities, the DW team expediently moves projects from dreams to reality. Founded in 2001, this award-winning architecture firm is located in downtown Scottsdale and specializes in architecture for luxury residential and boutique commercial spaces.

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