• SHED Architecture & Design
    Seattle-based SHED believes in architecture that solves problems. In partnership with our clients, consultants and contractors, we strive to realize work that is resource efficient, pragmatic and original. The following beliefs are the foundation of their design approach: We believe that architecture is a practical art. We believe that a pragmatic approach yields progressive design solutions. We believe that buildings must use resources wisely. We believe that architecture must sustain the way people live, work and play. This approach strives to create work with the following qualities: Design solutions consider site, climate, material, light, and space holistically. Design solutions use resources efficiently over the long term. Design solutions are purposeful in their use of material, light and space. Design solutions are more than the sum of their parts. Design solutions are direct and durable. Design solutions support the life of the client. They are committed to designing projects that meet the highest expectations of clients and highest design standards of economy, efficiency and quality.
  • SHED
    SHED, A Modern Grange Winner of a 2014 James Beard Award for restaurant design, SHED is a market, café, and community gathering space designed to bring us closer to the way we grow, prepare, and share our food. Our modern Grange reflects the best of our local farming culture, delivering a seasonally curated selection of workshops, wares, and freshly prepared foods to our guests. Our mission is to celebrate and nurture the connection between good farming, good cooking, and good eating.
  • Modern-Shed, Inc
    Modern-Shed is the original in a growing trend of prefabricated outdoor structures. Our sheds provide a unique space all your own; whether you need a home office, guest home, photography studio or entertainment space, Modern-Shed has you covered. Each shed is beautifully designed and handcrafted for you. We take pleasure in simplifying your life. Modern-Sheds are perfect for homeowners who wish to elevate their property value at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. What will your Modern-Shed become?
  • Studio Shed
    Studio Shed is a national leader in the rapidly growing market of smart, well-designed, prefabricated backyard spaces. A backyard shed is no longer simply an afterthought, or a place to hide unwanted belongings. Studio Sheds can be configured with efficient finished interiors, fully wired for power and internet, and are made with sustainable materials and production techniques in our Colorado factory.
  • Studio Shed
    A backyard shed is no longer simply an afterthought, or a place to hide unwanted belongings. Today backyard sheds can be found with finished interiors fully wired for power and Internet and made with sustainable materials and production techniques. People are discovering that these single-room structures work beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, storage spaces, guest rooms and much more. Studio Shed is pioneering the most efficient and affordable ways to deliver these refined products to clients from coast to coast. Studio Shed’s vision is to inspire new ways to think about our lifestyle needs, and help foster emerging trends of smarter and more flexible living spaces. Our own experience with the lifestyle benefits that come with these small structures fuels our passion and inspires us. By creating the best possible product and customer experience for this important purchase, we intend to lead this “shed revolution” and redefine acategory along the way.
  • la SHED architecture
    la SHED architecture is an architecture firm based in Montreal.
  • True Blue Sheds
    Using top of the line materials, including Australian BlueScope steel, True Blue Sheds is the leading choice from metal structures including carports, garages, and sheds in Australia. We believe in quality at affordable pricing and are pleased to offer a wide range of products to meet our customer's needs. Visit https://truebluesheds.com.au/
  • Potting Shed Creations
    Founded in 1998, Potting Shed Creations, Ltd., is a design company with an innovative and award winning internationally recognized brand. All of their products are carefully made in Idaho by hand, one piece at a time, using only the finest materials. Their goal is to create genuine, straight forward, minimal design that distills through material, color, word, hand and function. The company makes lines of home gardening items.
  • Alan Orenbuch
    Alan Orenbuch is an architect based in New York. His work includes a renovation of a John M. Johanesen-designed shed, which he and his partner transformed into a guesthouse.
  • Extraordinary Structures
    Extraordinary Structures is a design/build manufacturing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We employ a combination of proven CNC equipment and traditional techniques to produce beautiful, versatile structures, modular components for owner-assembled architecture and innovative flat-packable products. We are focused on producing tiny houses, small structures, sheds, studios, accessory dwellings, accessory buildings and outbuildings. We have the capability to produce a wide range of furniture, utilitarian objects, architectural designs and art and exhibition elements.
  • Kids on Roof
    Back to the source of life! Kidsonroof wishes to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination lies at the heart of Kidsonroofs products. Kidsonroof was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt (NL 68) and Ilya Yashkin (RUS 67). Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they manage a permanent testlab where new ideas keep coming up. A few weeks per year they go back to an oldfashioned simplicity when spending time in their little shed in the southern French mountains without electricity or running water. Ilya has been trained as an architural designer (Marchi in Moscow and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His designs are ingeniously three dimensional and very associative. Romy takes care of the conceptual development and styling.
  • Paul Michael Davis Architects
    Based in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, architect Paul Michael Davis and his team provide design services for residential and commercial projects with a focus on innovative practicality. PMDA is staking out a middle ground between northwest regionalism and global formalism. Our work is rooted in the practicalities of building in this region: deep roof overhangs to shed rain, big expanses of glass to bring in the scarce winter light, and showcasing local, natural materials. We love to think of these realities as opportunities to be innovative. As Paul Michael Davis explains, “I'm always looking for a source of rigor in the design process, something that's an added challenge: you've got the limitations from the site, limitations from the client, limitations from the budget, but really good architecture adds some other limitation, basically in the form of a concept or a goal. It's almost like a puzzle.
  • educational tours
    2017 Senior high school Journey Destinations Selecting a destination for a High School Trip is not as easy as you could assume. Just randomly selecting a location or going with a place that will certainly provide knowledge however no fun, are several of the errors which most make. The location ought to excite them and also at the same time make them learn a thing or 2. Making sure that you are choosing the right location, here is a listing of the top High School Trip Destinations of 2017: New York City, USA No one could go wrong with the city that never ever rests. New York is not a city - it is an experience. Quebec City, Canada Currently, Canada is every political pupil's favored topic, as well as a journey to Quebec City will undoubtedly aid them to learn a thing or two concerning this nation. The past of this really city is so important when it comes to discovering how Canada discovered concerning its fate as well as followed it to be just what it is today. London, England The hustle as well as bustle of London is something which every high institution pupil needs to experience to get a far better picture of how rapid life actions in a city and how even a tiny neighborhood business can transform the entire map of a city. The food, art galleries, neighborhood markets - every little thing in London is just unique. Getting shed in this city's elegance as well as epic history is a needs to for any type of student. Athens, Rome The design as well as classical art of Ancient Rome as well as Greece can as well as will mesmerize any individual's soul. From the world distinguished Colosseum to the Parthenon, Athens has so much to provide. This area will be a paradise for any kind of pupil - all many thanks to the glorious structures, sculptures, paints and water fountains that are displayed all over this absolutely attractive city. San Jose, Costa Rica The vibrancy of the city along with lovely Victorian manors can take any individual's breath away. From the Arenal Volcano to the Botanical garden and also zoo, this city will most definitely leave a mark in one's heart and mind. There you have it, the checklist of the leading High School Trip Destinations of 2017. Choose anyone from this listing and also remainder ensured it will be a daring yet intellectual journey for all. Currently, Canada is every political pupil's preferred subject, and a trip to Quebec City will surely help them to find out a point or 2 concerning this country. The past of this extremely city is so vital when it comes to discovering exactly how Canada found out concerning its destiny as well as followed it to be exactly what it is today. The hustle as well as bustle of London is something which every high school trainee needs to experience to get a far better picture of just how fast life steps in a city as well as just how also a tiny neighborhood organisation can transform the whole map of a city. Obtaining shed in this city's elegance as well as likewise impressive background is a must for any kind of student. From the Arenal Volcano to the Botanical yard as well as zoo, this city will absolutely leave a mark in one's heart and mind. http://juniortours.com/explore/
  • Lucia DeRespinis
    After finishing school as one of six women in a class of 106 men, including Charles Pollock and Louis DeRespinis, whom she’d later marry, DeRespinis began working on small appliances at Emerson Radio for fellow Pratt alum Monte Levin. Later, she spent eight years designing “everything from rugs and tableware to trade shows, graphics, and interiors” at George Nelson Associates, including an Abbott Laboratories exhibition on nerve growth factor at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and the Glass Pavilion apartment in the landmark American National Exhibition in Moscow. As was customary in this era, credit for individual furniture pieces produced by the Nelson office was given solely to George Nelson—a practice that’s been reconsidered by license holders in recent years. Vitra now credits DeRespinis for the Eye and Spindle clocks, two recognizable designs originally produced by the Howard Miller Clock Company under Nelson’s and Irving Harper’s names. Later, DeRespinis expanded her port-folio by freelancing with the advertising agency Sandgren & Murtha, where, in 1975, she created the now iconic orange-and-pink Dunkin’ Donuts branding. She also served as a designer for companies producing ceramics and tableware, including flatware for the airline industry. DeRespinis’s ahead-of-its-time, verging-on-postmodern lighting for Nessen Lighting (1960), raised-relief tile for Pomona Tile Manufacturing Company (1961), and MLLE Award for Mademoiselle magazine (1973) further testify to her range. “I developed a way of analyzing and mapping the problem,” she says about ping-ponging between disciplines. “I take a familiar figure, then use abstraction to develop a way of looking at the figure other than how you’re used to.”
  • ned engs
    Ned Engs began his design firm in 1991 and has been practicing as Engs Architects DBA E4 Architects for over 20 years. He has built many projects in Los Angeles, Brentwood, Pasadena, Carpinteria, Seattle, Las Vegas and the Bay Area. Publications have included his addition to and remodel of a Carpinteria beach house featured in the book California Beach Houses, published in 1999 and in Coastal Living magazine. His remodel to his own residence was published in the Los Angeles Times, Sunset Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. The design construction of the Corey-Helford Gallery in Culver City was featured in LA Architect and The Architect’s Newspaper. His remodel of a Pasadena ranch house was published in Sunset magazine. His addition and remodel to a West Los Angeles Spanish bungalow and an Altadena residence were featured in the same magazine. His design for affordable housing has been included in the HOME HOUSE Project, a traveling exhibit and publication sponsored by the SoutheasternCenter for Contemporary Art. His design for a Firefighter’s memorial was featured in an LA Architect piece on movement. CITYWORKSLOSANGELES included FieldWorks, his design for a West Los Angeles Baseball park in its 2004 inaugural exhibit COMMUNITIES UNDER CONSTRUCTION at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles. Also in 2004, his design for a backyard shed was the winning entry in the Tool UP! Competition sponsored by Habitat for Humanity, Los Angeles. Commercial work has included a 35,000 light industrial facility and a truck dealership in North Las Vegas, Nevada, offices for a Brentwood software company, interiors for Universal Music Publishing Group, Rondor Music Publishing International in West Los Angeles and privately owned Peer Music in Hollywood. Ned’s formal education began at the University of Oregon where he earned his Bachelor of Science. He studied aboad at Denmark’s International Architectural Studies Program at the University of Copenhagen. At the Southern California Institute of Architecture, his work was published in Skala, he earned his Masters of Architecture. Ned has served six years on the board of Dunn School, a middle and high school in the Santa Inez Valley. During his term he was named to the facilities planning committee which oversees the master planning of the school’s expansion efforts. He is also a member of the facilities committee at St. Paul the ApostleSchool. He served as a board member and on the logistics committee of CITYWORKSLOSANGELES, an organization committed to providing architectural design and construction services to underserved portions of the community and real world experience to students of architecture and design. As a member of the logistics committee, he was responsible for identifying appropriate projects, selecting an educational institution to complete the work and overseeing the project to completion. Projects included TATE (Temporary Air Treatment Enclosure) and Gateway to LA – MTA Overpass.