• Man Ray
    Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, Man Ray grew up in America but spent the greater part of his life in Paris. Working in several mediums, Man Ray's art includes painting, sculpture, collage, constructed objects, and photography. Beginning in 1921, he received hundreds of commissions for portraits and commercial work which were featured in publications such as: Vogue, Vu, Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. He was an American, but worked in Paris from 1921 to 1940.
  • Man Ray Trust
    The Man Ray Trust was established by Juliet Man Ray, wife to Man Ray to foster worldwide recognition of the 20th Century artist Man Ray: avant garde painter, photographer, sculptor / object maker, illustrator, film maker, inventor, philospher, Dadaist and Surrealist. In addition to holding and extensive collection of Man Ray's original artwork, the Man Ray Trust owns the copyrights, reproduction rights, intellectual and moral rights for virtually all of Man Ray's creations from 1910 to 1976.
  • Charles and Ray Eames
    Charles Eames (1907–1978) and his wife, Ray Eames (1912–1988) were American designers who made significant contributions to modern architecture and industrial design. These Cranbrook Academy of Art grads turned mid-century-modernist power couple are a case study in excellent design. Charles and Ray’s prolific partnership took shape with the molded plywood chair in the 1940s, but the duo also dabbled in film, exhibition installations, toys, and even a miniature train in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park.
  • Ray Mark Rinaldi
    Denver Post fine arts critic Ray Mark Rinaldi is a veteran journalist covering classical music, visual art, opera, dance and more.