• Normann Copenhagen
    Founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen is a design brand that aims to make a difference in the design world by creating quality, versatile, and colorful products. The brand has collaborated with both established designers and up-and-coming talents to create a wide foray of products ranging from pendant lights and glassware to couches and storage containers. Normann Copenhagen strives to challenge expected design conventions and uses traditional materials in untraditional ways, creating distinctive yet highly functional products.
  • Room Copenhagen
    Room Copenhagen was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the goal of creating exciting, functional design that makes the world a more beautiful and fun place. Bound by strong aesthetics, a visionary view of design and unwillingness to compromise quality, Room Copenhagen interprets and develops the designs of internationally renowned brands into modern design classics for your life and home. The company currently collaborates with LEGO®, PANTONE Universe and Paul Frank. Room Copenhagen is a spin-off from the Plast Team group renowned for designing and producing high-quality, functional homeware products for more than 25 years.
  • Space Copenhagen
    Space Copenhagen is a multi disciplinary design studio founded by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou. Their work encompasses interior design, furniture design as well as artistic installations and art direction.
  • Aslaug Copenhagen
    Aslaug is a young and innovative company that has had a succesful debut in the market for designer products and household items.
  • Nomess Copenhagen
    Nordic design brand Nomess Copenhagen creates every day design products for organizing the home. With Nomess products you bring order from chaos, imposing control over busy lives. The saying: "A place for everything and everything in its place" becomes a reality with Nomess products. Nomess products feature a Nordic look and feel. Keywords are simplicity, usefulness, and elimination of extras. Products have been developed through rigorous design, defined by their lines and a delicate use of color.
  • Anders Hviid
    Anders Hviid is a photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Benjamin Farrell
    Ben Farrell, owner and principal architect, is a graduate of Syracuse University but attributes most of his formative experiences to time spent in Florence, Italy and Copenhagen, Denmark. His curiosity with architecture came at a young age in Copenhagen by spray painting graffiti on the drab and boring ends of buildings that seemed otherwise forgotten. He legitimized this passion for unauthorized aesthetic improvement with an architectural education, some of which was spent studying the classics in the architecturally fecund areas of Tuscany. These contrasting experiences spawned an equally contentious philosophy that continues to juxtapose the respect of classical order with a modernity that says "nothing is sacred", improvement happens everywhere and sometimes the rules are just wrong. He resides in Southern Marin with a studio in Sausalito.
  • Natalie Jerichau
    From Copenhagen, lives and works in L.A / Rep at Carl Hansen & Son
  • Andreas Lund
    Andreas Lund is a furniture and product designer based in Copenhagen.
  • Bodum
    In 1944, Peter Bodum, the father of today’s owner, Joergen Bodum, started BODUM® in Copenhagen Denmark. Times were difficult at the end of World War II; there was hardly any trade, and people were out of work. Peter Bodum managed to wholesale a very small variety of houseware products by Danish manufacturers.
  • Jens Quistgaard
    Born in 1919 and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jens Quistgaard forged metal on his own anvil at age 14 and exhibited self-designed sets of knives a year later. In fact, it was Quistgaard’s work on display at a knife exhibition in Copenhagen in 1950 that caught the eye of American entrepreneur Ted Nierenberg. Quistgaard had the artistic vision to take everyday household tools and make them beautiful, and Nierenberg had the know-how to make beautiful tools available to the everyday buyer. Together they formed Dansk, a flatware and cookware company, in 1954.
  • Martin Kaufmann
    Martin Kaufmann is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based photographer who specializes in portrait and editorial work.
  • Sally McGrane
    Writer Sally McGrane flew to Copenhagen from her home in Berlin to visit the Mountain Dwellings. She was particularly impressed by the Victor Ash murals in the garage of wolves and moose atop wreaked cars. What she found hard to believe, however, was that David Zahle, a resident and one of the architects who helped design the building, has never had any dreams about the "car cathedral" under his home.
  • Jakob Wagner
    Jakob Wagner is a Danish designer based in Copenhagen. Wagner earned his first degree in Design Engineering, going on to study and intern in Colorado, Milan, and Paris. Wagner earned his second degree in Product Design at the Art Center Europe, Switzerland in 1992. Wagner founded the jakobwagner studio in Copenhagen in 1993, primarily working with hi-tech products. Wagner’s work has been exhibited internationally, including the permanent collection at MoMA in New York City. Wagner works with many celebrated design brands including Cappellini, Alessi, Bang & Olufsen, B&B Italia, Menu, Moroso, and Stelton.
  • Thomas Bentzen
    Thomas Bentzen's work ranges from tableware to interior design, from furniture to industrial design. His passion is to create objects that engage and create curiosity, that are functional and simple and meet the human need while in use—and simply create joy while not. He is obsessed with materials and their limits, by form and functionality and by the durability of design. Before setting up his own design office in spring 2010 he worked for Danish designer Louise Campbell for five years where he became a partner in 2008. Bentzen is co-founder of the Copenhagen-based design collective REMOVE and has exhibited his work at various international exhibitions and furniture fairs. He is a board-member at the Danish Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition also known as SE and occasionally teaches at the Danish Designschool in Copenhagen.
  • BIG
    BIG is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development.
  • Aiaiai
    The company AIAIAI was born out of Copenhagen’s nest of creativity known as the A-house. Apart from hosting a club on top of the old industrial building AIAIAI initiated a collective consisting of more than 200 young artists, musicians and designers in the years 2005-2006.
  • Fritz Hansen
    We are founded and rooted in Denmark with an international recognition in the private as well as the professional market. All our products are manufactured at Fritz Hansen' s own facilities north of Copenhagen and at skilled sub-suppliers in Northern Europe. Each piece has been designed by a reputable international designer in a close cooperation with Fritz Hansen. We have showrooms in many of the major cities in the world as well as sales offices and have expanded considerably over the past couple of years. We have a strong network of dealers who act as Fritz Hansen’s partners globally.