• Caesarstone
    A perfect surface is like the icing on a cake. It is the final touch, your own personal signature. From modern to traditional, their surfaces turn any space into a masterpiece.
  • The Ranch Mine
    National award-winning husband & wife architecture firm in Phoenix, Arizona. We design homes to honor the past, challenge the norm, and inspire the future.
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  • cpopp workshop
    cpopp workshop is dedicated to creating well designed spaces and structures that respond functionally and elegantly to the challenges our clients put in front of us.
  • UrbanLab
    UrbanLab creates dwellings that are both beautiful and surprising. We bring creativity and collaboration to each home we design. Ultimately, we seek simple, uncomplicated, economical design solutions. We put ourselves in our client's world to see issues and challenges through their eyes. Clients and specialists are intensively involved as collaborators at the earliest stages of the design process: feedback from the first ideas builds the design process itself, encouraging new insights from all stakeholders leading to innovative and unique design solutions. We believe in holistic architecture. Our work explores the interrelationships between buildings and landscapes; between structures and materials; between resources and lifestyles. We conceptualize and create spaces that establish healthy connections between people and their environments. We always seek to design in a sustainable and healthful manner. For each dwelling, UrbanLab creates an integrated cross-disciplinary design team in order to best address the complexities of contemporary design challenges. We routinely assemble professionals with the highest levels of expertise and experience to realize projects. To maximize design intelligence, collaborators often include landscape architects, engineers, ecologists, artists, fabricators, builders and contractors.
  • Urban-Agency Architects
    An international office for architecture, urbanism, landscape design and research which embraces the contemporary challenges for built environment. What makes a great family home? Individuality; we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. We aspire to create houses that are specifically geared to tailor each individual family’s needs, whilst on a larger scale aim to devise dynamic homes that will suit a diverse spectrum of families. We are living in a globalised age where people want amazing experiences, even at home! We have worked on many award winning houses as well as larger master plans for single-family housing over the years. Continuously, we challenge the industry by achieving unique homes that are incredible to live in.
  • Austin Maynard Architects
    Since 2002, the Austin Maynard Architects team has built up an exciting and diverse portfolio. The practice is not inhibited by building type, but rather navigates residential, retail and commercial arenas and is rich in envelope-pushing conceptual designs. Austin Maynard Architects explore architecture of enthusiasm. Treating each project as a unique challenge, and working directly with clients and occupants, our team offer individual possibilities and thoughtful responses to people, brief and place.
  • Henrybuilt
    Henrybuilt was founded in 2001 to create the first American kitchen ‘system’. Henrybuilt is focused on what it feels like to live with its product – how it works, wears and feels every day. The company is unique in its combination of system function with exceptional craft-quality and high level architectural integration. Winner of over 20 international design awards, the company’s primary goal is to produce the best kitchen and whole house furniture and storage systems in the world. The company operates showrooms in New York and Mill Valley, and a 40,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility and test kitchen in Seattle. Henrybuilt has completed over 4000 major projects for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. For more information please visit www.henrybuilt.com and www.instagram.com/henrybuilt Cooper Hewitt National Design Award Nominee 2017 American Architecture Prize 2016 IF Design Award 2016 Washington State Manufacturing Award 2015 German Design Award Winner 2015 Architizer A+ Jury Winner 2014 Good Design Award 2014 Industrial Design Society of America IDEA Award 2013
  • GriD architects
    Rooted in Annapolis, Maryland, our reach expands nationally through a diverse array of mixed-use, commercial, institutional, and residential projects; each reflecting the local materials, culture, and environment. Driven by modern and contemporary design, we are courageous problem-solvers challenged to beautifully resolve complex projects. Our commitment to innovation and design excellence has earned us the honor of receiving 25 awards in 6 years.
  • Yong Sin
    Yong Sin is an artist based in San Pedro, CA. Primarily works on "collaged painting"/installation using mixed media. Yong Sin creates nuances to challenge the ideas of identity and create just enough expressive variations to the seemingly recurring shapes. More information of her work at: www.yongsinarts.com and Instagram @yongsinartsdotcom
  • Atelier RZLBD
    Atelier RZLBD is a boutique art & architecture practice based in Toronto founded by RZLBD; un homme à tout faire whose répertoire tops up to making arts, crafting objects, designing buildings, curating installations, and publishing a zine called rzlbdPOST. The practice is not just an ordinary operation that serves, rather like a positive virus, it contributes, communicates, challenges, and adapts itself to the needs of each project and its context. From a 17mm wedding ring to a 56km long housing proposal, the portfolio has been distinguished with numerous accolades; exhibited in many venues; and celebrated in more than 100 print publications. www.rzlbd.com
  • Shakespeare Gordon Studio
    Shakespeare Gordon Studio is an award-winning New York City-based, women-owned business that pursues inventive and thoughtful solutions to architectural design challenges at all scales, for a wide variety of clients and project types. Founded as Redtop Architects in 2003 and known as Shakespeare, Gordon, Vlado: Architects (SGVA) from 2017-2023, the firm continues along its original foundational principles of design excellence, highly professional service, and an ongoing commitment to the improvement of New York City’s built environment. www.sg.studio
  • Kerimov Architects
    A Moscow-based architectural bureau working worldwide. A'Design Award winner.
  • Rise Projects
    Rise Projects is a full service architecture and design firm founded and led by Karen Frome with a vision for thoughtful materiality and balancing the elegant with the bold. We approach each project as an exploration between our office and the client. We start projects by learning about the inspirations and the expectations for a project, looking at the possibilities and listening to our clients’ needs. Through this attentive approach Rise Projects has built a relationship with clients who frequently return to us for subsequent projects. Our in-house team at Rise culls the expertise of our longstanding consultants to ensure that a project is seamlessly executed. We deftly solve difficult situations and enjoy bringing creative and fresh thinking to to a wide array of challenges.

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