UrbanLab creates dwellings that are both beautiful and surprising. We bring creativity and collaboration to each home we design. Ultimately, we seek simple, uncomplicated, economical design solutions. We put ourselves in our client's world to see issues and challenges through their eyes. Clients and specialists are intensively involved as collaborators at the earliest stages of the design process: feedback from the first ideas builds the design process itself, encouraging new insights from all stakeholders leading to innovative and unique design solutions.

We believe in holistic architecture. Our work explores the interrelationships between buildings and landscapes; between structures and materials; between resources and lifestyles. We conceptualize and create spaces that establish healthy connections between people and their environments. We always seek to design in a sustainable and healthful manner.

For each dwelling, UrbanLab creates an integrated cross-disciplinary design team in order to best address the complexities of contemporary design challenges. We routinely assemble professionals with the highest levels of expertise and experience to realize projects. To maximize design intelligence, collaborators often include landscape architects, engineers, ecologists, artists, fabricators, builders and contractors.

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