159 Storage Closet Storage Type Design Photos And Ideas

A Ferdinando Maffii painting hangs beside a sleek, custom wardrobe.
Storage is hidden inside the wooden ramp.
Built-in pantry hidden in a corridor
The bespoke brass dressing room unit in the principal suite has a pivoting double-sided mirror and individual hanging slots for feature pieces. It was designed by PO Box Designs and crafted by Koorool Constructions.
Black walnut surrounds the U-shaped master closet.
Described by the architects as the place where "spa meets retail," the master bathroom and closet revolve around two floating islands natural lit by skylight wells above.
This built-in area can be used as a desk or vanity.
The bespoke walnut storage and brass hardware in the principal bedroom was designed by Tang. The lamp is by Noguchi.
New storage in the bedroom complements the historic detail at the ceiling.
A circular coat closet helps to break up the home's linearity.
Heath Ceramics tile—in shades of pink, lavender, and maroon—livens up the closet/bathroom floor.
A custom built-in with laminate accents in the dressing area is also by Joshua West Smith. “He did such a beautiful job of making cabinetry that looks like what could have been in the house,” says Merrill.
In an effort to make getting dressed easy, the Perezes included a six-foot closet on the first level in the large bathroom area.
All of the home’s walnut cabinetry is book-matched, so the grain flows across the fronts.
A small, open wardrobe space is also located on the second floor, next to the editing studio and the raised loft bedroom.
All LumiPods come with integrated storage. The full-height cabinetry is built from natural oak timber veneer with a matte finish.
An extensive walk-in closet is a pass-through between the living space and the master bedroom.
Continuing the built-in elements and panelling in the bedrooms creates visual consistency and eschews the need for additional furniture that may bring clutter.
For storage, IKEA carcasses were wrapped with painted MDF exteriors for a streamlined appearance. "The new, simplified design with the doors painted the same color as the wall means the wardrobes are less dominant," says Astrain. "This helps the room feel less crammed, calmer, tidier, and bigger."
A large mudroom provides a practical space for changing and storing winter gear.
Oak paneling conceals a utility core that houses a laundry area, powder room, and generous storage space on the back side of the chimney.
A peek inside the master suite dressing room. As with all the bathrooms, the dressing room is topped with a new ceiling made from alveolar polycarbonate. “It imparts a fun twist and provides some natural light to all the areas behind the wooden walls, except for the bedrooms,” adds Toledano.
The architects removed two small closets (necessitating supports in their place) and added a new fireplace surround that mirrors those downstairs.
The walk-in wardrobe is painted the same midnight blue as the master bedroom.
Due to the grade of the site, the front door opens onto a landing between staircases. A wall-sized pegboard made of Douglas fir plywood is used for hanging coats, bags, and other necessities. “The house is like a well-tailored suit that addresses a range of daily routines,” Cuddington observes.
The view from the closet to the bedroom.
Custom cabinetry in an emerald green hue threads through the main space and into the closet of the private master suite.
By removing the hearth, the architects freed up space to create a proper entry nook by the front door. It’s clad in vertical grain fir and adorned with Afteroom coat hangers by Menu.
Clothing can play a vital part in post-disaster comfort and survival. Be prepared with lightweight, versatile items that are appropriate for the highs and lows of your region—bonus points for bright colors like neon yellow or orange that might help emergency workers spot you. Make sure you have clean underwear, layers (including a light jacket), and a hat that would protect you from the sun. Extra blankets, shoes, boots, socks, and bug spray might be necessary depending on where you live.
Perry also redid the spacious walk-in closet in the master bathroom.
Along the back wall of the dining area is a glass-walled Rimadesio wine cellar. The suspended Calcatta marble tasting area is complete with Bottega Veneta black leather barstools.
Clothes are hung on an inviting set of orange-painted pipes in the guest bedroom.
A wine tasting area offers temperature-controlled storage for dozens of bottles.
The hallway into the master bedroom with built-in storage on both sides.
Located in the storage area in the back of the kids' closet, the slide spirals down to the basement. "The contractors deserve the biggest kudos for keeping the slide secret during construction," says DeForest. "They installed the slide very early in the construction schedule, then diligently covered everything up and kept it off limits as a ‘mechanical space’ whenever the clients were on-site."
The master suite comes with dual walk-in closets, both of which offer custom built-in cabinetry.
The cabin's mudroom also houses a wood storage facility to help keep the fire burning on cold Norwegian nights.
The dressing room maintains a sense of old Hollywood glamour.
"Previously, the closet was not a walk-in and was stuffed head to toe with clothes," says Wise. "We carved out space from the hallway and created a walk-in that was outfitted from top-to-bottom with functional storage." A pocket door hides the interior when needed. The shower is in the same space as before, but lengthened so that Wise could use the awkward angled wall for a shower bench.
For their Orcas Island retreat in Washington, a young couple asked DeForest Architects to create "a place to share with friends, a place for adventure and exploring, being a kid again, cooking together, experiencing nature, and being part of something bigger." A slide tucked into a closet leads to a ball pit below.
The home features original wood-paneled closets with Japanese-style sliding doors.
A dressing room continues the high-contrast theme with stone flooring and blonde wood fittings.
The multifunctional organizer at the entry includes an umbrella stand, a shoe rack, and an adjustable pegboard that serves as a wine rack and hat/helmet rack.
Adjacent to the master bedroom is an oversized walk-in closet with a wall of mirrors.
The master walk-in closet includes custom cabinets and a washer/dryer with a folding surface.
Maximizing space is key. Here, she's placed many options for storage in an alabaster hue so the space still feels open.
The principal suite and office are now connected by a pass-through closet. The doors have a light green stain, and the hardware is the same as in the kitchen.
A custom coat rack at the entrance maintains the open feel.
The small second floor includes two bedroom suites (for the client's visiting children or guests), a lounge, and a covered terrace.
A wall-to-wall custom wardrobe offers smart storage.
A closet features sleek built-in storage.
Small recycled glass tiles in various colors cover the walls. The glass tile is by Hisbalit with installation by Jd7 Group.
The museum showcases a collection of authentic TWA air hostess uniforms designed by Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Stan Herman.
Light-pink built-ins flank one wall of the bedroom, providing storage and a bit of fun flair.
The bedroom closet features sliding oriented strand board doors and black hardware.
Detail of guest bedroom closet
An all-white walk-in closet design creates a brighter and more expansive perception of the space
There is also a spacious closet in the master suite.

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.