23 Storage Closet Storage Type Cabinet Storage Type Design Photos And Ideas

Knayzeh's favorite detail is "the flush door which aligns perfectly with the 'window' in the room, and the door to the apartment. Making sure that this object-interface remains self-contained without any hardware sticking out was important."
The thicker cabinet walls on the entry side of the room can accommodate 18-inch coat hangers to the left of the door.
The cabinet depths vary depending on what's being stored, and Knayzeh made sure that there is no wasted space. A niche for the 70-inch television guarantees that the parents can enjoy their hobby of watching movies.
A glimpse of the storage capabilities now provided by the cabinet room. "The loft came with little storage," says Knayzeh. "We needed to have the ability to hide general mess when we have company." Integrated cabinets in the walls of the room now provide a coat closet, document filing, and space for Knayzeh's book collection around the perimeter.
The dimensions of the new cabinet room are 11' x 7' with a ceiling that's eight feet high, which lets it sit comfortably within the loft's 15-foot-high ceilings. The room creates sound separation when needed, and can move with the family should they ever relocate.
One of the walls hides a pull-out sofa and a wardrobe.
In an upstairs bedroom, striking triangular cabinetry is built into the Victorian house's attic.
The view into the bedroom shows closet. Cabinetry has been integrated on both sides, and the walls have been painted with Benjamin Moore Flint.
Discreet built-in storage.
Storage has been incorporated under the open selves, within false ceilings, and overhead cupboards.
view from master bath into master closet
Looking back toward the front of the bus, more storage becomes visible. The pink dresser on the right holds the family's clothes. The gray dresser to the left incorporates a standing desk for Brandon and hides mechanicals.
Custom millwork closets were added and lined with cedar and brass knobs that the owner found. Because of two dormers, the best use of space was to add drawers for additional storage.
In the kitchen, a single Sektion wardrobe from IKEA is used to stow both clothing and various food and dining items. Throughout the apartment, Krajewski replaced the time-worn flooring, installing new white oak planks by Hull Forest with a buffed oil finish by Waterlox.
Houses in The Village feature Marvin windows and doors, energy-efficient GE and Frigidaire appliances, Mitsubishi heat pumps, and Zehnder HRV systems. Each buyer was able to customize the interior finish package of their house from options that met the community’s sustainability guidelines. One area in which residents’ tastes differed was flooring; the Davis family chose cork. In place of closets, the houses have built-in storage made of Douglas fir plywood.
Level 2 mezzanine
In such a small space “you have to organize, and every piece takes a decision,” says resident Heidi Wright. The couple keep things they use less frequently, like guest bedding, in the higher cabinets.
Entry rift & quartered oak millwork storage, closet & bench.
Guest bedroom rift & quartered oak closet, display shelving and door to storage.
Shoe storage and audio equipment are blended into the partition. Thus, subordinate furniture is no longer independent but merged into the space

Modern storage solutions transcend the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." Storage doesn't have to mean a box unceremoniously shoved under a bed—it can be a way to display your most treasured objects, or step foot into the minimalist lifestyle. Browse some of the most innovative storage ideas there are—including closets, cabinets, shelves, and that challenging space under the stairs.