Office Painted Wood Floors Design Photos and Ideas

The former upstairs bedroom is now an office. The existing flooring was kept.
Study hideaway
Simple office furniture in primary colors stands out against marine-blue walls and a white window shade.
A variety of storage units—from built-in shelving to contemporary cabinets—provide plentiful space for the homeowner’s book collection.
"Feeling good about your work is one thing, but offering it as something for other people to be happy about is truly something to dedicate your time to," Spellman states.
During the time he spent exploring the West, Spellman lived and worked in an old Ford van that ran off of vegetable oil. "I lived in the van on and off for two years, maybe more—I can't remember how long exactly" he says. "Most of the time it was fueled by used cooking oil out of grease traps, or other people's trash. It was liberating."
In one corner of the studio, Spellman has an area dedicated to ceramics, as pictured above.
With plenty of space, Spellman is able to utilize his studio to create his artwork and music, as well as use the area as a gathering area for entertainment.
Located in a historic building in Westerly, Rhode Island, Spellman's studio is infused with natural light, thanks to the expansive windows.
"I'm not trying to do anything new in my work," Spellman states. "I'm simply trying to do it in my own way, and I'm still figuring out what exactly 'my own way' is."
Exploring new places is one of Spellman's favorite sources of inspiration. Although he has traveled across the globe, it is the Western landscape that he longs for when he's not there.
A vintage post office desk anchors one end of the office that's fitted with built-in cabinetry with a 16-foot-long walnut top on the far wall.
A vaulted loft room complete with a typewriter and natural wood furnishings serves as the perfect hidden workspace. The chair is a vintage Cherner chair, the side table is Nanna Ditzel, and the wood lamp is a Muuto Wood model.
When asked what's next in the works, Spellman describes how he's working on an upcoming music festival and concert series called Westerly Sound.
A peek into Spellman's historic studio space in Westerly, Rhode Island.