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The Californian designer shows us how to spruce up a utilitarian space.
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Although the origins of terrazzo go back to ancient Egypt, the material as we know it today was developed by builders in Venice,...
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Architect Cary Bernstein gives constructive advice: know what you want, who you're working with, and how much you can spend.
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Find out how to determine whether a home has “good bones.”
55 Bright Ideas for Bedroom Ceiling Lighting
Create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom with these exemplary ceiling lighting designs.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Kitchens
From backsplashes to built-ins, or the best knife sets to even better cooktops, these resources will help guide you on your...
So You Want to Live in an ADU? Here’s What to Consider
Owners and tenants of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) share key insights about how to navigate the unique living experience.
The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables
Creating and maintaining your own edible garden is easier than you think. Here’s how to get started growing your own greens.
How Much Should You Spend on Kitchen Countertops?
Top designers dish on the best countertop materials for your kitchen—and their attendant price tags.
How Much Should You Spend on a Duvet?
Top interior designers weigh in on what to look for in a duvet cover or insert—and what it should ultimately cost.
How Much Should You Spend on Door Hardware?
Top designers explain the nuts and bolts of choosing door hardware at different price points.
We Asked 13 Designers to Share Their Work-From-Home Setups and Tips
Peek inside some of our favorite designers’ home offices, and get their tips for creating a successful WFH setup (or mindset) of...
We Asked the Experts If Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are Actually Worth It
From bespoke to builder-grade, the options are endless—and often expensive.
Everyone Loves a Good Ikea Hack: These 3 Classic Pieces Show Why
There’s a reason people have been customizing the Swedish meatball purveyor’s furniture for decades.
I Tried Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper—and Learned the Limits of My DIY Skills
It’s been painted as one of the easier home design refreshes you can make. My takeaway? Call a professional.
Is Your Tiny House Really a Tiny House?
What does or does not count as a tiny house has as much to do with class as it does with the structure itself.
If You Hate Your Floors, Why Don't You Paint Them?
This divisive design decision isn’t for everyone, but it could be a quick (and cheap) update that’ll transform your space.
Social Media Convinced Me to Refinish a Dresser. I Lived to Tell the Tale
All it took was an orbital sander, some elbow grease, and determination to see it through.
We Asked the Experts How to Work With—and Maximize—Every Inch of Space In Your Home
Interior designers and architects agree: if you’re short on square footage, your furniture needs to work overtime.
So You Want to Put a Pond In Your Yard? Read This First
Take this to Home Depot (or your landscape architect) before you get the garden hose.
What If You Added a Window?
How hard could it be to cut a hole in the wall? Drop the power tools and read this before you attempt to let there be (more)...
So You Bought an Earth House. Now What?
When Andrew and Emmye Cahn bought a partially subterranean house dubbed “the Hobbitat,” they had to figure out how to update it...
Actor Chloe Farnworth’s Big Bear Cabin Renovation—Brought to You By Facebook Marketplace
“The ugliest house on the street” got a refresh for just $25,000 and a good eye for a bargain.
In Defense of Filth
A compost evangelist explains why the stuff that powers our planet is anything but icky.
I Turned My Cobwebby Basement into a Home Gym—and Indoor Garden
If you want to make the best use of your bonus space, the first step is to just start using it—without waiting for everything to...
I Won the Battle Against My Closet, and All It Took Was a Trip to The Container Store
What I needed to fix my messy storage system (and find something akin to inner peace) was a little bit of money and some time.
How the Owners of The Ripped Bodice Took Their Renovation Into Their Own Hands
For Leah and Bea Koch, renovating the East Coast iteration of their bookstore was a labor of love.
It’s Probably Time to Clean Your Gutters
Yes, it's a task that you dread, but avoiding it could spell potential disaster for your roof.
Yes, Your Low-Light Plants Need (Some) Light to Thrive
Even if you live in a cave, there’s a way to give your plants the light they need to live.
You Just Bought a House With a Wood Stove. Now What?
Before you go all in on your homesteader fantasy, make sure you’ve got a chimney sweep on call.
What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps
This decidedly unsexy piece of home technology is an investment—but it’s a worthy one that’ll save you money for years to come.
How Designer Molly Bloom Enlisted Her Family to Renovate—Without Going Crazy
When the creative found the home of her dreams just 10 minutes away from her parents, she set about making the ideal space to...
Designing Your Home With a Photographer’s Eye
Magdalena Wosinska transformed her historic Pioneertown adobe structure into a thriving venue for inspiration and renewal,...
How to Work with the Dated Designs You Hate in Your Home
When life hands you wall-to-wall carpet or drop ceilings, make the best of it!

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