125 HDTV Super Review

125 HDTV Super Review

Economic meltdown aside, if you’re still thinking about plunking down some hard-earned cash on a new HDTV this holiday season, you’d do well to check out HD Guru’s colossal review of 125 HD sets before wandering into your local Best Buy.

This round-up delves into the (often subtle) differences between major brand name models—especially with regard to performance in static vs. motion resolution, horizontal bandwidth and how well each set reformulates a 24 fps stream—the standard speed Hollywood films are shot in.

Not only is this an incredibly useful resource for those who want to see how most of the major 2008 models measure up, but it’s also a great primer on the types of factors that can make or break an HDTV experience. For instance, HD Guru found that only a measly 23 percent of TVs passed the 3:2 pull down test, which measures how well a given set can reconstitute 24-frame-per-second movie and TV content. Find out which ones in HD Guru’s  comprehensive .pdf rundown of the results.

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