Everything You Need to Know About Building an ADU in Portland, Oregon
Accessory dwelling units help the city meet its density goals and extend housing options—but only after striking a...
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A new pilot program by the city to add housing has yet to catch on—but that could soon change.
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Is it Easy Being Green? The Costs and Benefits of Green Roofs
A green roof cools your home in the summer, insulates in the winter, and has far-reaching benefits for the community, but keeping...
Dwell On This: Layer Your Rugs
When a single covering won’t cut it, bring in another for a boost of color, pattern, and texture.
So You Want to Live in an ADU? Here’s What to Consider
Owners and tenants of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) share key insights about how to navigate the unique living experience.
Architects Share Helpful Tips From Their Own Home Renovations
These expert insights will help you navigate the dos and don’ts of the remodel process.
Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home, According to Three Experts
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How to Make Your Powder Room Look Absolutely Dynamite, According to the Experts
The small-but-mighty powder room is an opportunity to take design risks and flex your creative muscles.
The Best Scandinavian-Inspired Paint Colors for Your Home, According to Experts
From traditional Falu red to buttercup yellows, these hues recall Nordic landscapes.
The Ultimate Guide to Prefab: 65 Resources by Location, Construction, and Price
Prefab is part of Dwell’s DNA—build a better future with our veritable tome of all things prefab.
The 7 Main Roof Types—and What You Need to Know About Them
Whether it’s flat, gabled, butterfly, shed, gambrel, mansard, or hipped, the shape of a roof can have serious design and...
55 Bright Ideas for Bedroom Ceiling Lighting
Create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom with these exemplary ceiling lighting designs.
How Much Should You Spend on a Kitchen Faucet?
Top designers give their advice about how to choose a stylish, functional faucet—and what it will cost.
How Much Should You Spend on an Area Rug?
Our experts advise on choosing an area rug by pile, construction, size, and placement—and how much it’ll cost.
How Much Should You Spend on Door Hardware?
Top designers explain the nuts and bolts of choosing door hardware at different price points.
We Asked 13 Designers to Share Their Work-From-Home Setups and Tips
Peek inside some of our favorite designers’ home offices, and get their tips for creating a successful WFH setup (or mindset) of...
Tile Talk: 5 Most Popular Shapes and How to Use Them
We bring you the long and short (and round) of the typical shapes that tiles come in.
How Designer Molly Bloom Enlisted Her Family to Renovate—Without Going Crazy
When the creative found the home of her dreams just 10 minutes away from her parents, she set about making the ideal space to...
How One Renter Turned Her Loft Apartment Into an ’80s Dance Studio
Choreographer Angela Trimbur offers tips for how to designate a personal creative space within your home.
What You Need to Know About Heat Pumps
This decidedly unsexy piece of home technology is an investment—but it’s a worthy one that’ll save you money for years to come.
How to Buy Custom Furniture Without Going Bankrupt
When I needed a dining table and couldn’t find one that suited my needs, I took matters into my own hands.
How One TV Writer Made Her Own Thriving Garden Oasis
“Baby Geniuses” podcast host Emily Heller's bountiful backyard grew from a few raised beds, hard work, and some mistakes along...
How to Navigate the Wild World of Facebook Marketplace
The furniture of your dreams lies in the depths of your least favorite social media platform—but only if you know how to find it.
Everything You Need to Know About AstroTurf
If you want a lawn that's low-maintenance (if slightly controversial), we've got just the thing for you.
How to Research Your Home’s History
Craftsman or Queen Anne? Snooping around your home’s past, be it apartment or house, is a great way to situate yourself as part...
7 Smart ADUs and Additions That Cost as Little as $18K
From a shingled studio in Minneapolis to a two-bedroom guesthouse in L.A., these backyard projects are something to emulate.
Everything You Need to Know About Navigating (and Surviving) Brimfield
I found my dream coffee table—and you can too.
13 Tried-and-True White Paint Colors Recommended by Pros
Finding the right swatch can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be.
Every Possible Way to Dispose of an Old Mattress
Mattresses don’t last forever, and they’re a pain to handle once they’re done—but you have more options than you think for...
How to Keep Sand at the Beach (Where It Belongs)
It’s a fate some say is worse than death. Here’s how to prevent it.
What It Takes to Put a Tennis or Pickleball Court In Your Backyard
In short: money.
How to Start Collecting Art for the Home
Three emerging NYC-based collectors share how they’re breaking into the art-buying world.
How to Keep Your House Tidy and Your Pets Happy
We love Rufus and Mr. Fluffykins, but we don’t love their mess—here’s how your well-designed home and your animal companions can...
A Pollinator Garden Is the Perfect Solution for Small Spaces
Use the space you have to grow some plants that are good for the environment—and your peace of mind.
Read This Before You Decide to Be Your Own General Contractor
Homeowners who’ve done it themselves explain the importance of research, budgeting, and leaving operating heavy machinery to the...

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