7 Stylish Pads to Rent in Mexico City

Soak up the capital city's warm, convivial spirit while living like a local in these holiday homes.

An urban wonderland of world-class museums, historic sites, hip restaurants, and vibrant architecture, Mexico City is a tantalizing destination for travelers seeking art, culture, and adventure. The homes in CDMX feature earthy tones, colorful furniture and accessories, large balconies, textiles by local artisans—all framed by greenery and foliage. 

If you have the bustling Mexican capital on your mind, then check out these accommodations that reflect the city's free, creative spirit.

1. Roma Norte Apartment With Mexican-Designed Furniture and Decor

Average price: $1,408 per week 

This luxurious two-bedroom apartment in the hip, artsy Roma Norte neighborhood has large floor-to-ceiling windows—and is decked out in furniture and décor by Mexican designers and craftspeople. | Book Now 

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2. Walls of Brick and Color

Average price: $1,557 per week 

Located in the trendy district of Polanco, and within walking distance to high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants, a museum, and a park, this three-bedroom apartment has an industrial-style exposed brick wall in the living room, and bedrooms with bright red walls. | Book Now

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 3. Inspired by Naturalist Pliny the Elder

Average price: $2,645 per week 

Inspired by ancient Roman naturalist, philosopher, and army commander Pliny the Elder—who wrote extensively about minerals and mineral pigments—this two-bedroom, four bathroom apartment has two balconies, earth-tone furnishings, and thoughtfully selected objets d’art shaped like stones or things from the natural world. Fittingly, the pad resides on a street named after the historic figure. | Book Now 

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4. Historic Guesthouse With Private Terrace 

Average price: $3,967 per week 

Located in the neighborhood of Roma, this beautiful period house was remodeled and transformed into a guesthouse with a restaurant, yoga center, bookstore, spa, coffee shop, and five amazing guest rooms with their own private terraces. | Book Now  

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5. Eclectic Home Swap in Condesa 

Available on home exchange website Love Home Swap, you can trade in your home for this apartment in the super-stylish Condesa area, which is furnished with art and décor by the owner’s artist friends. Love Home Swap offers a home exchange membership program that will allow members first dibs on the apartment, though renting is also an option. | Book Now

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6. Reading Lounge Under the Stairs

Average price: $122 

Just a three-minute walk from the city’s famous Angel de la Independencia monument, this fourth-floor penthouse apartment in the heart of Zona Rosa has double-height ceilings, a large balcony that looks out to the streets below, and a cozy reading nook under the stairs. | Book Now

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7. Festive Roma Norte Apartment 

Average price: $122 

Cheerful colors and rustic details add a celebratory vibe to this two-bedroom apartment in the Roma Norte neighborhood, which comes complete with toiletries and hotel-quality linens for a convenient stay. | Book Now   

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