Grade-A Getaway Outside Mexico City

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Two families share a triangular retreat on Lake Avándaro.

Group vacations are great for splitting travel costs, but not so good for getting restful alone time. That’s why architecture studio Método used vertical space to divvy up a shared vacation house outside Mexico City. When the joint owners, two families totaling eight people, arrive for a weekend visit, they are able to luxuriate across three floors plus a sprawling outdoor living room overlooking Lake Avándaro. 

Grade-A Getaway Outside Mexico City - Photo 1 of 3 -
Grade-A Getaway Outside Mexico City - Photo 2 of 3 -

But the house isn’t known for its carefully delineated interior. It’s known for its steeply pitched, 40-foot-high roof, which rises over the water like a steeple. While the A-frame may seem like stylistic flourish on Método’s part, gables are  commonplace in the area. Having one was required by the local building code.

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The home’s natural attraction is its peak, which contains two equally sized, back-to-back bedrooms. With plenty of space for everybody spread out, there’s only one thing to fight over: who gets the lake view?

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