You Can Rent This Small Sicilian Apartment For $94 a Night

This compact apartment on the island of Ortygia in Syracuse, Italy, is a modernist city retreat in the heart of a historic center.

Housed in a building constructed in the 1900s, the Cordari Penthouse, which was refurbished by Italian architect Francesco Moncada in 2009, is split over three levels. From the ground floor, an entryway leads to the second level, where the living room with a sofa bed, a kitchen and dining area, and a balcony is located. 

Concrete was used for the floors in the living room, while the kitchen was fitted with striking orange rubber flooring. Blackboard paint used on the walls of the kitchen creates a delightful contrast against the living and kitchen area, and together with the orange floor, helps to clearly demarcate the different functional zones.  

The stairs that connect the three levels are comprised of welded metal steps and a single wooden beam for a handrail. On the top level are the bedroom and unusual bathroom with wood veneer walls. 

Connected to the bedroom is an expansive 323-square-foot terrace with a wooden deck. This sun-drenched terrace, which looks out to the city, is accessible via a very stylish glass door that is part of the fully-glazed wall spanning the entire terrace-facing side of the bedroom. 

With a light canopy, lounge chairs, and potted plants, this terrace area is one of the most charming features of the property. It visually enlarges the bedroom, brings in more natural light, and is a great spot for lounging under the Italian sun with a cocktail and good book. 

Industrial materials, and furniture and finishings with bold colors and textures give the Cordari Penthouse a cheerful, avant-garde appeal. The property is available for rent through The Modern House or Airbnb for as little as $94 per night.


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