A Modern Tree House in France Preserves the Surrounding Pines

Outfitted with a striking charred wood exterior and blonde wood interior, Atelier Victoria Migliore's Treehouse was constructed without felling a single on-site tree.
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Built in 2018 in Brittany, this tree house features a form dictated by the surrounding forest. Atelier Victoria Migliore carved niches into the building to allow mature pines to thrive—and they employed 26 steel piles to make the home hover above the forest floor. The result is a 904-square-foot getaway that sits lightly upon its site.

Stilts elevate the home three to 10 feet above the ground. The firm suspended the building in order to preserve the root systems of the surrounding trees.

A deck at the entry wraps an existing tree. The charred wood exterior contrasts sharply with the blonde wood interior.

The home’s interior plan is organized around a water feature that's open to the sky and tiled with a bold blue-and-white chevron pattern.

The kitchen and dining area are separated by a glassed volume that wraps two mature trees. "The views from the house are defined precisely by materiality so that the forest seems to enter the house," said the firm.

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The consistent use of light wood makes the interior finishes appear to recede while directing attention to the views outside.

A bath overlooks the central water feature. A ladder leads up to a suspended net that's perfect for lounging.

The charred wood siding carries into the home’s single bedroom, blurring the boundary between inside and out.

A dressing room continues the high-contrast theme with stone flooring and blonde wood fittings.

The deck off of the bedroom has two swings attached.

The netting suspended over the water feature makes for a whimsical spot to stargaze.

An exterior view shows how the building wraps around the site’s existing trees. 

Treehouse floor plan


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