Top 5 Homes of the Week With Wonderful Workspaces

Whether you work from home or simply require a focused zone, it's vital to have a space where your creativity and productivity can flow. Our editor's top picks of the week feature modern home workspaces that are tranquil and inviting.

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1. Theodore Wirth Ranch

Architect: Strand Design, Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the architect: "Envisioned as a modern ranch, this home rests comfortably on its hillside location. Immediately adjacent to the property, a densely wooded park creates a retreat-like feel during the summer months, and reveals the Minneapolis downtown skyline throughout the winter season." 

2. Miller House

Architect: Eero Saarinen, Location: Columbus, Ohio

From the photographer: "In 1952, the industrialist J. Irwin Miller and his wife, Xenia, commissioned a remarkable modernist triumvirate to create their home in Columbus, Indiana: Eero Saarinen designed the building, Alexander Girard masterminded the interiors, and Dan Kiley handled the landscape architecture."

3. Seaholm Custom Condo

Interior designer: SLIC Design, Location: Austin, Texas

From the interior designer: "[The owner] wanted a space that could function as an office but still open up to the rest of the unit. We designed these custom glass and steel doors on a retractable sliding track, allowing the space to function as either a private or public space."

4. Flipped House

Architect: rzlbd, Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "After crossing the bridge passageway in the upstairs addition, one arrives to a flexible family room. This carries on to a small wooden patio built atop the existing garage. At the bridge’s other end is an airy home office providing desk space for two."

5. Ridgemont Residence

Architect: Hsu McCullough, Location: West Hollywood, California

From the architect: "This home is a new contemporary, two story, ranch style house with a balcony in the Laurel Canyon enclave of Los Angeles. The study overlooks the side yard [which features an] ascending hillside."

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