Top 5 Homes of the Week That Encourage Relaxation

Who needs a spa day when you can create a peaceful atmosphere within the walls of your own abode? Take a look at our favorite homes of this week that encourage relaxation, thanks to their calming architecture and design.

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1. 27th Street

Architect: designpad architecture, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "Our clients are a young family who at the start of the project, had one toddler—and towards the end, another. Their dream for the home was to modernize and expand the space to allow for a growing family. Connecting to the rear yard and expanding vertically to capture the downtown views were vital."

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2. House On the Point

Architect: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects, Location: Water Mill, New York

From the architect: "This modestly sized oceanfront house was designed for an informal active family. Working with the constraints of a small footprint, every moment and view counts. The open-plan, transparent first floor connects to ocean and bay views. A more private second floor prioritizes oceanfront indoor/outdoor living, and includes a strategically-placed hot tub to enjoy bay-front sunsets from. Red cedar siding and anodized aluminum windows and doors bare the elements. Screens are employed to provide shade and privacy."

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3. ÖÖD

Architect: ÖÖD, Location: Harju Maakond, Eesti 

ÖÖD is a company that sells small, modular homes to entrepreneurs in the hotel industry. Delivered and set up in just eight hours, ÖÖD is a great way to quickly start your hotel business. 

From the architect: "Thanks to the outstanding design, ÖÖD blends into its surroundings, making it suitable for both city and countryside environments. By ordering ÖÖD model hotel rooms, hosts can design their own hospitality complex starting with the number of houses (hotel rooms), while combining common areas such as saunas/spas, outdoor kitchens, fitness rooms, reception/lobby, and a lounge/restaurant."

4. Sierra Fria

Architect: Jose Juan Rivera Rio, Location: Mexico City, Mexico

From the architect: "The style and materials of this house refers to the architecture of the 1960s, developed in the South of Mexico City in Jardines del Pedregal, where the soil is primarily volcanic rock. The house is mainly built by volcanic stone, apparent concrete, steel, and glass—with the intention of having the lowest possible maintenance and without losing sight of the good aging of materials."

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5. Broadview Loft 

Architect: Studio AC, Location: Toronto, Canada

From Leibal: "Broadview Loft is a minimalist interior located in Toronto, Canada, designed by Studio AC. The architects were tasked with designing an apartment for a young professional who was looking for something fun, functional, and unique. The bedroom is partitioned off in a simplified Moroccan-style archway that can be opened up or closed off using curtains. The nook is slightly elevated, creating an inconspicuous separation from the rest of the space."

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Annie Fleming
Marketing Analyst at Dwell.


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