Top 4 Homes of the Week That Celebrate Earth Tones

Black, white, gray, and beige. This simple yet powerful combination of colors is guaranteed to give your home a warm, inviting look. Take a peek at our favorite homes this week that revel in earth tones in fascinating ways.

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1. Spruce

Architect: John Maniscalco Architecture, Location: San Francisco, California

From the architect: "Originally constructed in 1949, this midcentury-modern house represented forward thinking. However, the ground-floor living spaces, its north-facing orientation, and restricted architectural language deprived the home of natural light while ignoring views of the adjacent Presidio. The complete redesign and expansion takes full advantage of its unique perch above the parklands to create a continual sense of connectedness while bringing significant natural light and openness into the home."

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2. Casa Paraíso Country Club

Architect: DCPP, Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

From the architect: "Standing on flat ground with two-story neighbors on both sides, the main and most important design intention is to generate a sense of openness on the rear side of the project, which enjoys a wide view to the golf course and the mountain chain nearby. The design concept approaches a single-story house with two major openings; one facing the street on the south side and the second one on the rear facing north, where all the outdoor and most of the social activities take place."

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3. Casa Ching

Architect: MG design studio, Location: Tres Rios, Provincia de Cartago, Costa Rica

From the architect: "The house is formed from two basic volumes, which separate the private space from the social. These are divided by means of the garden and are connected by the main access. From the street, you can see part of the interior, which allows to generate several levels of reading, creating a perception of amplitude and permeability. When you enter the lobby, you will find a double layer of glass that gives a transverse view to the bottom of the garden, playing with depth."

Top 4 Homes of the Week That Celebrate Earth Tones - Photo 3 of 4 -

4. Kew

Architect: McLaren.Excell, Location: London, United Kingdom

From Leibal: "The project principally involved the building of a rear extension, comprised of two chamfered forms nestled together. Externally, the extension sits in sharp contrast to the background of the painted-out rear facade of the original house—standing proud and distinct with walls of pale and pitted masonry bedded down on lime mortar that's applied roughly and heavily across the brick face. The simplicity of the exterior belies the complexity of concealed structures, interlocking pitched roofs and wedge-shaped walls—all neatly resolved so as not to compromise the purity of form."

Top 4 Homes of the Week That Celebrate Earth Tones - Photo 4 of 4 -

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