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Casa Paraíso Country Club

House (Single Residence)

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Roger Desdier Tello


Casa Paraíso is a weekend country house located in a residential estate within a golf course near the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Standing on flat ground with two-storey neighbours on both sides, the main and most important design intention is to generate a sense of openness on the rear side of the project which enjoys a wide view to the golf course and the montain chain nearby.

The design concept approaches a single-storey house with two mayor openings; one facing the street on the south side and the second one on the rear facing north, where all outdoor and most of the social activities take place. In addition, low-rise vegetation and trees are introduced as site boundaries instead of walls or fences, intended to embrace a sense of nature inwards the house, bluring the limits of the indoor / outdoor sensation.

The architectural scheme both in plan and section is based upon the repetition of a series of walls oriented towards the main views, sectioning the different program within the house intersected only by a long circulation axis. All this elements are held together by a single concrete slab that ordains the hole project happening below it, resolved with a two sided slope given by estate’s normativity.

LCMX furnishing design approached a simple and funtional line, promoting the idea of eficency on the production process, with the objective of highlighting out constrats between the building materials: guanacastle hardwood, steel, granite stone and concrete. Each piece of furniture was created with special attention to detail from the design process until its completement, combining artisanal and contemporary production processes.