This Company Can Design, Build, and Deliver a Sustainable Prefab in Just 12 Weeks

Explore Ecospace Studio's modular buildings that serve a variety of valuable purposes.

Co-managed by architects Lee Town, Amira Idris-Town, and Matthew Kettle of the London-based firm IPT Architects, Ecospace Studios was created with the goal of ameliorating the economic, spatial, and environmental challenges of 21st-century living. 

The team's solution was to combine design and off-site construction and bring it in-house in order to deliver high-quality and sustainable buildings that can be built at a fixed cost and delivered within a short period of time. They're able to have complete control over the process, thanks to the fact that their design studio works closely with their carpentry workshop, which is located in Kent, England. They also work mainly with sustainable woods from renewable, certified sources. 

Since developing their first Ecospace® prototype in 2002, they’ve worked on a number of impressive projects, from tiny modular workspaces to large school classrooms. 

Using Ecospace Studio’s online configurator, clients can choose the size of the modules and types of interior layouts they want. Below, we've shared some of the prototypes and projects they can offer.

Pitch Studio

As an Ecospace with a dual-pitched roof, this gym in England’s Peak District has a sloping roof, skylights that brighten and ventilate the space, and a loft-style living space.

Ecospace holiday retreats, like this one in Cornwall, are larger scale versions of their modular studios and include bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It would make a perfect little vacation home or hotel room on a beautiful natural site.

Ecospace classrooms, like this addition to the Eleanor Palmer School in London, can address the urgent need for additional music or art classrooms—or perhaps a science block—in a warm and bright space.

This product is a building that uses the concept of the parking garage, but transforms it into a showroom for motor vehicles. Customizable with modular storage systems, floor-to-ceiling glazing, or ambient lighting, and made with all-natural insulated materials, it's a garage that gives your prized cars the home they deserve.

This yoga studio in Sussex combines indoor spaces with outdoor pavilions that connect with nature for a peaceful, Zen-like atmosphere.

The team at Ecospace Studios understands that sometimes clients have very specific design and functional requirements. Their bespoke projects, such as this home called Spinney Retreat in Surrey, England, allow clients the flexibility to create the space they want using the Ecospace concept. 

Ergonomically designed for a single person, the Ecospace WorkPod can be the ideal home studio or office on a small urban site. Installed in just around five days, WorkPods like this one, which belongs to illustrator Dana Bar, can be designed with an integrated work station, lighting, and low-energy, underfloor heating.

Project Credits: 

 -Architecture: Ecospace Limited

 -Structural engineer: John Kettle & Associates


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