These Modern Parents Show How Invaluable Technology Can Be

These Modern Parents Show How Invaluable Technology Can Be

By Paige Alexus
As founders of a thriving design collective and parents to three young children, Matthew and Jesse Hufft have their hands full, to say the least.

After creating Hufft Projects in New York City in 2005, the couple later moved to Kansas City where they designed and built their family’s home base in the neighborhood of Roanoke Park in early 2011. While Jesse serves as the CEO to the company, Matthew acts as the Creative Director and the lead designer of most of their projects. While juggling the responsibilities that come with both parenting and directing a busy creative studio, they’ve become fully aware of how design and technology can improve their lives and the home they live in. Particularly when it comes to being "Modern Parents," they see every day as a learning experience to figure out how to utilize today’s available technologies to enhance their family’s lives while they continue to grow and adapt.

Matthew and Jesse Hufft built their family’s house in Roanoke Park to be a place that will change and adapt with them over the years. When we visited their home earlier this year, Matthew told us, "Three things have changed me as an architect. The first was building my parents’ house. The second was building our own house, and the third was having kids. It changes perspective in so many ways." To keep up with this new mentality, he’s always on the lookout for smart and practical ways of streamlining the unpredictable daily challenges that come with parenting—which is where SAGE products come into play.  

In order to take every opportunity to make their home as safe, efficient, and comfortable as possible, Matthew and Jesse chose to outfit their home with a range of security and home automation products from SAGE by Hughes. The technology by SAGE allows them to create a whole new level of convenience and dimension in their home that can be adapted to the way their family lives—and how they grow over the years. Take a look through these images to see how they incorporated SAGE products into their house to create a connected, safe, and playful environment. 

Along with their dogs Coltrane and Blue, the residence is home to their three children—Rock, eight; Cash, six; and Clover, three. As an example of how the Huffts built the home to be malleable over the years, they designed the playroom in a way that can be modified as they grow up. Matthew explains, "The intention is that their playroom will become their study room. Closets that now hold toys will eventually hold their books."  

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we explore various forms of the "Modern Family" and how each of them use design and technology to enhance their daily lives. 

The Huffts ironically point out, "Before we had children, we looked for the best ways of keeping people out. But now, it’s about keeping the kids in, and making sure we have an eye on them as they’re running around." They chose to install two Indoor Cameras from SAGE that will help with this task. Using wireless connectivity, it provides 24/7 surveillance while recording* a high-definition image. Like all SAGE products, everything is controllable by a device, whether it’s through your television or through the free SAGE by Hughes app.  *Recording footage is an add-on service that includes a monthly fee.

Cash and Rock are shown here in front of a blackened steel "fireplace wall" that was designed by Hufft Projects. Matthew explains how he’s learned to design things that are durable and safe. He continues, "You never realize how destructive kids are until you have them. I’m continuously learning from them and how they interact within architecture."  

To ensure their kids are able to play freely and safely within their home, Matthew and Jesse installed two of SAGE'S Deadbolt Locks. By connecting them to the SAGE by Hughes app, they’re able to automatically lock or unlock their doors no matter where they are. To fit within the design of your home, they’re available in a brass, nickel, or bronze (shown here) finish.  

"Having children makes you realize the importance of spending time as a family and how helpful it is to find the right tools to help you do that." - Jesse Hufft

Along with creating the perfect residence for their family, the Huffts also devised their home to be a show house for Hufft Projects. Jesse mentions that they take their staff through the house to teach them about various designs, materials, treatments, and products they’re using in their projects. "It allows for a personal interaction that really helps our employees connect with their work," she says.  

To make sure the home is always at a comfortable temperature—while saving energy wherever possible—they installed the Nest Learning Thermostat, which is also available through SAGE. By learning your desired temperature settings, it creates a custom schedule for your home. It also automatically turns itself down when you leave the house and can be controlled by your phone, television, tablet, or computer.   

For places like the kitchen and bathrooms, the Huffts chose to install SAGE’s Appliance Switches and a number of Motion Sensors, which detect human motion without picking up false alarms from small sources.  

"We designed this home so that every inch can be utilized as a team unit." - Jesse Hufft

The Appliance Switch turns everyday appliances into smart devices and can also be connected to the SAGE by Hughes app. By placing the switch between an outlet and the chosen appliance, the Huffts are now able to turn them on or off remotely.  

For the deck that overlooks the backyard, they installed LED Outdoor Floodlights. Shown here is their third-floor office that looks out to these outdoor spaces.   

SAGE’s LED Outdoor Floodlight is both long-lasting and energy-efficient. Using 80 percent less energy than standard bulbs, the Huffts can remotely dim or turn off the lights with the app.  

Jesse emphasizes, "Having children makes you realize the importance of spending time as a family and how helpful it is to find the right tools to help you do that. We designed this home so that every inch can be utilized as a team unit."  

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