A Look Inside Squarespace NYC

Squarespace has a stunning, monochromatic office décor that coincides with their minimalist branding.

A constrained, monochromatic color palette don't have to be boring. As in digital design systems, sometimes having a color constraint allows the personality of surfaces and people ("content" in the digital world) come through. Such is the case with Squarespace's NYC offices.

The cavernous and light-flooded entry contrasts blacks and whites with bursts of life.

Sometimes, the restriction of color creates stark lines of contrast. The lack of color can bring things into focus and new and surprising ways.

Natural light is ever the friend of any well-executed interior design. It brings warmth and life to spaces that might otherwise be drab.

A work area is flooded with massive amounts of natural light.

Another friend to successful spaces is glass. And lots of it. The Squarespace offices seem to have no lack of glass wherever you look.

Glass lines multiple surfaces up and down in this view of the atrium.

In this large open space glass helps to create partitions and natural structure.

A collusion of dark tones creates a subdued, lounge-like atmosphere to an open space bordered in by steel shelving.

Dark leather brings some warmth, but barely.

On the contrary, when a room is encased almost entirely in white tones, a space almost begs for creative ideas to start flowing, as if its dormancy is inviting guests in to stay.

A light, airy feel permeates this relaxed, thoughtful space.

Atrium spaces are great for great harmony between different patterns, textures, and colors. These offices seem to hit this harmony well and create natural transition between different levels of the office.

Vertical lines adorn ceilings and columns creating a rhythmic motion to this atrium space.

Diversity is of great value when designing a space for humans. People like to move around and see something new. Casual and outdoor spaces can be a great way to create alternative places for people to connect and coalesce.

Dark hues, warm light, and curved tones constrast the straight, white lines seen elsewhere.

This light outdoor space sets the Squarespace offices against the NYC skyline.



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