11 Shipping Container Home Floor Plans That Maximize Space

11 Shipping Container Home Floor Plans That Maximize Space

By Kate Reggev
Take a peek at the space-efficient floor plans behind these modern shipping container homes.

If you've never set foot within a shipping container home, you might imagine them to be simple rectangles with no real consideration put into design, proportion, and the division of rooms. Well, think again! These floor plans prove that shipping container homes can be efficient, sustainable, and even exciting!

Model 6 by IndieDwell

Made of two 40-foot-long shipping containers offset from one another, the Model 6 by IndieDwell offers 640 square feet of living space.

The Model 6 features an offset layout. The main entrance is recessed, and a small hallway leads to the bathroom and two bedrooms. The kitchen is open to the living and dining space.

At 320 square feet, the Front Porch Living model by Custom Container Living consists of one shipping container with a covered front porch that extends from the end of the home. The home's exterior is clad in wood siding. Pricing for the home starts at $56,400.

The home's front porch leads to the interior through a glass door that opens into the living area. The center of the home has two glass doors that open out to the exterior and a wooden stair leading to the lofted bedroom, while the back of the home houses the kitchen with a double sink and the bathroom.

The H4 is HONOMOBO’s most efficient shipping container home. At just over 700 square feet, the home has two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a full kitchen, and one bathroom.

The 32’ x 24’ H4 is made of four separate shipping containers. The open-plan living/dining/kitchen area has a 29-foot-long glass wall that opens to the exterior.

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The HomeCube is a one-bedroom shipping container home that sells for $68,200. Rhino Cubed designed the 320-square-foot home with a foldaway queen bed and lots of cabinet and closet space.

The eco-friendly container home is made out of a single 40-foot-long container, and it can be outfitted with a washer, dryer, and dishwasher if desired. The main entrance is through a double sliding glass door at one of the short sides of the home.

At 2,070 square feet, SunDog Structure's two-level live/work model can be located in the woods, an urban infill lot, or on the waterfront. The bi-level layout allows for a flexible program.

The Live/Work 2070 is constructed out of seven 40-foot-long shipping containers. The ground floor holds an open gallery/workspace, while the second floor has a two-bedroom, two-bathroom layout. One shipping container is actually installed vertically instead of horizontally to provide more ceiling height in some spaces.

TAYNR is a modular home builder that exclusively uses recycled shipping containers. Their 130-square-foot 01S20 model is made out of a 20-foot-long shipping container.

The 01S20 features foldaway furniture—including a Murphy desk and a full-sized Murphy bed that houses storage underneath. The multifunctional spaces make the most of the small floor plan.

For about $145,500, MEKA’s Vor 640 home provides 640 square feet of living space in a 16’ x 40’ shipping container. The model typically has a one-bedroom layout, but the living space can also be used as a flexible second bedroom.

With multiple entrances on three sides of the home, the Vor 640 emphasizes connections to the outdoors. The main bedroom is a comfortable 16 feet long and features a large closet at one end. The living area could easily accommodate a sleeper sofa.

Luckdrops’ Studio+ is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom shipping container home with 287 square feet of living space. The $38,000 home features light, bright, and modern interiors that are miles away from what you might expect the inside of a shipping container to look like.

Studio+ incorporates a galley kitchen and an L-shaped dining area in the main living space. The bathroom creates a natural corridor that leads to the bedroom at the far end of the home.

Designed for an artist and entrepreneur client, this guest house features lots of light, access to the outdoors, and an industrial vibe.

The shipping container guest house has three distinct spaces: a living area with glass doors that open to a front porch, a bathroom with a composting toilet, and an air-conditioned garden shed with a separate entrance.

CW Dwellings designs affordable shipping container homes starting at $36,500. Their Sparrow 208 model is a studio-style home with a generous covered deck.

The Sparrow 208 has a bump-out on one side that measures 16’ x 3’. The extra square footage goes a long way, allowing for additional storage, a seating area, a washer/dryer, and an air conditioning unit.

This custom build by Backcountry Containers comprises two 40-foot-long containers connected by a more traditional stick-built great room.

Private areas (including bedrooms and bathrooms) are located in the shipping container "wings" of the home. The large, open great room features a kitchen and space for living and dining. The layout carefully balances secluded space with open common areas.


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