Go Off-Grid in This Tiny Australian Cabin Made for Digital Detox

Go Off-Grid in This Tiny Australian Cabin Made for Digital Detox

By Melissa Dalton
Sadie, the new self-sustaining tiny home by CABN, gives guests a chance to reconnect with themselves in a remote patch of wilderness.

In 2017, CABN launched three off-grid, tiny house retreats located in secret spots in South Australia. "One of our goals from the start was to allow our guests to truly escape back into nature, focus on what’s important, and turn their technology off," says spokesperson Shane Laidlaw. 

It’s a concept that’s struck a chord with eager guests, who have used the mindfully designed cabins to stage everything from marriage proposals to family reunions.

"Turn off your phone and dial into mother nature," suggests CABN, of their first off-grid, tiny home retreat in Victoria.

CABN’s outposts have been so well-received—with bookings dated six months out filling up within a single week—that the company is now offering accommodations in Victoria. Their first tiny home there, called Sadie, is in Daylesford, less than a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Melbourne. 

Sadie maintains the brand’s signature aesthetic, combining an inky-colored exterior with a light-colored, plywood-clad interior and large windows, the latter fostering a more immersive experience for guests. "The large windows really emphasize the beauty of nature," says Laidlaw.

Wood detailing contrasts with the darker exterior materials and punctuates a large picture window.

The exterior feature wall sports Colorbond steel with a matte finish.

The Sadie CABN features high ceilings and plywood-lined walls with black accents. "We use a variation of Australian timbers in the CABN builds," says Laidlaw.

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This unit is outfitted with bunks and a queen bed to sleep up to four people. It includes a full bathroom and kitchen despite its petite footprint. "We wanted to design something simple, beautiful, and unique, and there’s a lot you can do with a small space," says Laidlaw. An eat-in bar counter allows for meals inside, while an outdoor gas barbecue lets guests take meal prep outdoors.

Plentiful windows draw attention to the natural surroundings.

Local produce is available within a short drive from this location, and the CABN’s full kitchen facilitates meal prep.

The lower bunk has its own window and can double as daytime lounge space.

Large windows surround the queen-sized bed.

The company has plans to expand around Australia in 2020 with the new locations still under wraps for now. "We’re building something that is far more important than somewhere to stay," says Michael Lamprell, founder of CABN. "If we can contribute to getting people to really think about their relationship with nature, with themselves, and with each other, I’m happy. CABN is about reconnecting."

"Relax and expect to see local wildlife as you sit by the CABN with a wine or wake up to the sound of magpies and kookaburras heralding the dawn," says the brand.

The Sadie CABN is also a short drive from many excellent local restaurants and wineries, says Laidlaw.


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