Top 5 Homes of the Week With Enviable Home Offices

Top 5 Homes of the Week With Enviable Home Offices

By Samantha Daly
Who knows how much work we’d get done in these gorgeous home offices and studies—we’re hoping a lot. Take a peek at the modern designs that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. La Mesa Residence

The home office in La Mesa Residence has been placed between the main house and the master bedroom suite in an outside area. The terra cotta floors of the terrace come into this room, and the high wood ceilings are a continuation of the pergola roof. "By using the Hopes steel-sash doors and windows we were able to make this outdoor space actually an interior home office space," say Dutton Architects.

Architect: Dutton Architects, Location: Los Angeles, California

From the architect: "Our client, head of a music recording company, for whom we had designed a couple very modern projects, bought a historic adobe house by John Byers, one of the preeminent architects of Los Angeles in the first half of the twentieth century. Dutton Architects relished the challenge of respecting the history and craft of the original, yet through additions and renovations, making it livable for twenty-first-century living. The restoration of the original was guided by the consultant that oversees the Getty Trust’s adobe restoration projects."

2. Taula House

The serene home office of Taula House by M Gooden Design gazes out onto the backyard.

Architect: M Gooden Design, Location: Dallas, Texas

From the architect: "Guided by the Hindu architecture principles of Vastu shastra, this modern dwelling expresses a balance between traditional beliefs and contemporary ideologies of design. Symmetry, directional alignments, spatial geometry, and delicate detailing were all paramount to the design success of the project. The exterior façade is clad with precast concrete, weathered steel, and dark grey basalt stone. Accents of Brazilian Ipe siding, polished stucco, and zinc composite panel complete the material palette ensemble. A minimalist approach to interior finishes focuses attention on the architecture and precise detailing of the house. Highlights of the exterior palette make their way into the house with a refined use of weathered steel panels and basalt stone floors and walls. Overall, Taula House reflects the family’s love for entertainment and the importance of peaceful seclusion. There is a graceful mix of public and private—both gathering and intimate spaces. Bold expression and materiality is not lost on this house, yet there is calmness in the beauty." 


A study space is tucked into a corner of the living room of this home designed by Gosende Salvado Studio.

Architect: Gosende Salvado Studio, Location: Valencia, Spain

From the architect: "The project is about creating a space that could work as a home and a creative studio as well. The client is a person with a certain interest in experimentation but having at the same time a deep respect for the context and tradition. The main guidelines are focused on taking advantage of the location and the apartment’s qualities, besides looking for a language that puts it in connection with the Carmen's history. Since each opening is facing a particular city icon, the main action relies on creating a series of spaces that dialogues with them. All of them different from each other. These highly contrasted atmospheres are articulated by an element: the threshold, which enhances the transition from one room to another. The materials and constructive solutions are full of references to the neighborhood, with a special wink to the Carmen's typical balcony, an element of expression and connection."

4. Artist Residence

Heliotrope Architects created a lofty space that allows the residents to connect fully with the outdoors while at work.

Architect: Heliotrope Architects, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architect: "Designed for an artist and an engineer, the residence is located mid-block in a downtown neighborhood surrounded by common Seattle cottages and bungalows. The design brief called for a working studio central to the layout of the house, ample white walls for a growing art collection, a strong connection to the gardens and to the life of the street, and lots of natural light. The house is scaled to fit discreetly into its surroundings and seeks a non-fussy clarity in its detailing and materiality that defers to the interesting lives of its occupants."

5. Suncrest Residence

The long, narrow footprint of Suncrest Residence by Heliotrope Architects allows every room a view of the sea while also retaining a strong connection to the surrounding forest

Architect: Heliotrope Architects, Location: Orcas Island, Washington

From the architect: "This new residence is located on a pristine site comprised of a mature Douglas fir and Pacific Madrone forest, with occasional rocky clearings and several small ponds. Our clients desired a work of architecture that minimized site impacts while creating a work of architecture that utilized their favorite materials (wood and concrete) and connected them intimately with the land and the view. The home is situated where the forest gives way to a large rocky clearing with views to the sea. The structure is wrapped around a prominent outcropping of rock and carefully situated to require a minimum of tree removal." 

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