Top 5 Homes of the Week With Delightful Dining Areas

These dreamy interiors have us planning on dining in. Ranging from elegant, to colorful, to minimalist, our editor's top picks of the week are serving up interior design inspiration.

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1. Raise the Roof

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia

From the architects: "The design intent was to connect the dominant Californian bungalow character of the existing house to the minor additions. Internally, some of the original features were maintained and amplified where they had been stripped away; both the client and the interior designer, Alexandra Donohoe, wanted to retain the original character of the house to provide a base for modern art and furniture."

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2. Oak Residence

Architects: Hatem + D and Étienne Bernier Architecte, Location: Ville de Québec, Québec, Canada

From the architects: "The challenge was to design a modern and minimalist home that blends into the residential context while maximizing intimacy and proximity. The architect’s response was a L-shaped house within its surroundings. Located in a very green environment, the architects have chosen natural materials like stained natural wood, dark bricks, and steel that echo the neighborhood's materials and the nature present in the courtyard."

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3. Cherry Crest

Architect: Clifton Leung, Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

From the architect: "The couple wanted a minimal, clean, and timeless look to their apartment, as well as abundant storage to cater for their growing family. To create a comfortable, dynamic family home, Clifton gutted the apartment, turning part of the room for the open kitchen, along with a kitchen island that sets as the centerpiece of the house."

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4. Casa Marrakech

Architect: Bercy Chen Studio, Location: Austin, Texas

From the realtor: "Designed and built by Bercy Chen Studio, Casa Marrakech responds to the lifestyle of its inhabitants within the fabric and culture of East Austin through language favored by Moorish vernacular architecture. Walled courtyards and shadowy screens maintaining mystical Moorish modesty are artfully appropriated to define private spaces where the sunny liberty of Austin’s quirky brand of the American Dream may be enjoyed indoors and outdoors with abandon."

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5. Alder Residence

Architect: Rick Sundburg, Location: Seattle, Washington

From the architects: "Rick Sundberg’s Seattle residence highlights the architect’s explorations into materiality and the creation of highly sophisticated, yet functional, spaces. The expanded and remodeled home serves as both research laboratory and workshop in which he explores the kinds of details that infuse his award-winning professional projects: the deft use of daylight, the uninterrupted transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and ability to anchor a home seamlessly into its site."

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