Top 5 Homes of the Week That Celebrate the Golden State

California living’s never looked so good. Take a peek at the homes from the Dwell community that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. The Meadow Home

The design team at Feldman Architecture was inspired by the prominent views and beautiful slopes surrounding the Meadow House.

Architect: Feldman Architecture, Location: Portola Valley, California

From the architect: "The home is at once open to the surrounding landscape and views of the encompassing prairie, seamlessly merging interior and exterior spaces. Splayed concrete walls, diminishing in height as they approach the house, direct the gaze to Windy Hill sitting on the western horizon. The house’s cedar siding, stained a warm gray and complimented by the crisp horizontal lines of the black roof, further embeds the house in its natural surroundings and strikes a beautiful balance between rural and distinctly modern aesthetics."

2. Mesa Contemporary

Mesa Contemporary is highlighted by several interesting details, including large second-story cantilevers, exterior elevations built entirely of glass, and a view of Santa Barbara from every room. A clearstory window system gives the appearance of a roof that floats on top of the elegant structure below.

Architect: David Van Hoy, Builder: DD Ford Construction, Location: Santa Barbara, California

From the builder: "After a lifetime of photographing art in architecture, this discerning homeowner decided to design a piece of art that he could one day live in. After months in conceptual design and creative engineering, plans were finalized to recognize this client’s dream. Natural light and a simple yet diverse and elegant finish palate were at the heart of this home’s inspiration. Wonder, imagination and optical illusion are seen from afar, while precision, execution, and zero margin for error is recognized when looking at this home at a closer glance."

3. Mandeville Canyon House

The large pocket doors of Mandeville Canyon House open up the corner of the living room to the concrete terrace and lawn beyond. This house, designed by Dutton Architects, is perfect for informal living and taking advantage of the southern California climate.

Architect: Dutton Architects, Location: Los Angeles, California

From the architect: "A large addition and complete renovation of a Mandeville Canyon ranch house connects modern to contemporary architecture. The architecture is modern and sympathetic to the materials and context of its site and ranch-house style."

4. Milwood Residence

Like many other rooms in Milwood Residence by Mayes Office, the dining room is open and flows freely into the kitchen area. High ceilings and large windows connect the home to the outdoors.

Architect: Mayes Office, Location: Los Angeles, California

From the architect: "Located in heart of the Venice neighborhood, [this residence is a] single family home created with the intention of connecting its occupants to each other and their surroundings. Communication and community outreach in Venice were of the utmost importance throughout the design process in order to achieve this. The home demonstrates how thoughtful, straightforward design and creative problem solving can not only create a positive impact on the daily lives of those who live within, but also on the surrounding community."

5. Sonoma Residence

Zumaooh designed Sonoma Residence to be the perfect space for family activities that interact with the beautiful surrounding landscape. Large windows peer out into the meadows, and cozy patios allow the family to soak up the fresh air.

Architect: zumaooh, Location: Sonoma, California

From the architect: "The owners of this property wanted a home where the parents and their children could gather and enjoy quintessential Sonoma living. The property is sited on 13 acres of meadowland running alongside a creek, and the parents wanted to encourage the children to explore the landscape, play, and hang out. The family-centered environment literally exists on the meadow, comprised of a house and a pool house with great rooms connected by the pool and the openness between. The connection is reinforced by the transparency of the living space, with extensive use of windows that create a seamless transition from inside to out, and also give the parents and children visual access throughout the day, creating boundary-less freedom and flexibility."

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