This Modular Outdoor Furniture Line Snaps Together Like a LEGO Set

Mix, match, and move the pieces of the new Dwell x Chicory collection to create the perfect lounge for any season or space.
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As an expression of you and your home, furniture is rarely one-size-fits-all—especially when it comes to outdoor living arrangements. So when we collaborated with Chicory to create a chic, sustainable furniture line, we made sure it would adapt to any kind of space under the sun, from a compact balcony overlooking the city to a backyard brushing up against the woods. "Modularity was one of the key drivers in the design process to ensure the collection could blend in and enhance our customers’ daily lives," says Ben Parsa, CEO of CABA Design, creator of the exclusive Dwell x Chicory collection. 

Every piece in Dwell x Chicory’s modular furniture collection—from the teak frame segments to the nesting side table—fits seamlessly together, so you can transform your outdoor lounge depending on your mood, the occasion, or home setup.

The dynamic system allows you to adjust the number of couch cushions, connect floating ottomans to create chaises, or even insert a coffee table to form a built-in side table. The arms of the frame detach and reattach whenever you want to reconfigure the layout.   

"We also wanted to provide modularity in posture, which often leads to how you interact socially," says Parsa. The 17-inch Comfort or 14-inch Lounge seating heights add another level of customization to your ideal space. 

In this thoughtful collection, side tables slide neatly over ottomans or chaise cushions, and coffee tables open to provide extra storage. "No more plastic eyesores from your local hardware store—this piece offers a sustainable, attractive solution to everyone’s outdoor storage dilemma," says Parsa.

The modular line balances adaptability and utility while delivering a plush, luxurious aesthetic.  

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