11 Lush, Plant-Filled Dwellings That Pay Homage to Home Horticulture

Let us count the ways that keeping plants at home improves quality of life—from enhancing air quality to boosting calm and focus.

These flora fanatics are turning their apartments, homes, and studios into lush indoor oases. Read on for a look at 11  unique dwellings that make plants the top priority.

1. This Wild Mumbai Apartment Has a Jungle Inside

Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis of the architecture firm The White Room are known for designing organic, curvaceous homes and private gardens. They were approached by a couple seeking to renovate their one-bedroom apartment in the charming suburb of Pali Hill, just outside the bustling city of Mumbai—and the result is a vibrant urban oasis.

Infused with traditional materials and aesthetics, this open-plan home in Japan strengthens the bond a young family has to nature and to each other.

Architect Javier Senosiain created this remarkable home on a hilly site near Mexico City. "The green dune wraps itself around the inside spaces almost completely, rendering it almost invisible. From the outside, all one sees are grass, bushes, trees, and flowers," he says.

When designer Hilton Carter furnished the industrial-style Baltimore apartment and work studio he shares with his wife Fiona, their dog Charlie and two cats Zoe and Isabella, he created a wondrous indoor woodland that offers all the benefits of being outdoors without leaving home.

La Casa Nell' Orto—House in the Orchard—was a unique architectural project from the onset. Clients Spartaco and Cinzia, both Tuscan dentists, desired a little home where they could occasionally reside and grow vegetables and other plants. They engaged LDA.iMdA Architetti Associati to create a house capable of cultivating their favorite hobby.

An artist and an architect built their home, studios, and an exhibition space inside a lushly landscaped Antwerp warehouse.

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Jimmy Brower and Damien Merino are a creative couple with an entrepreneurial mindset—and they created a sun-soaked sanctuary on the Oakland/Emeryville border that’s characterized by lush plant life, quiet nooks, and handmade art and decor. 

Located in Merida’s historic downtown district, this 1560-square-foot house is an oasis in the city. Indoor/outdoor living serves as the foundation of the project’s design, and regional materials and textures provide a sense of identity.

Architect Ken Meffan's ten-years-in-the-making home is located in the tiny Northern California town of Rough and Ready—a term that might as aptly refer to the house itself. Though all the on-site plants are mundane home-center varieties, they grow to uncanny heights in the moist, sunny environment.

Pantang Studio transformed a three-story building in Bangkok into a flexible residence that can serve as a single home or a duplex. The flowering plumeria tree, which came with the original property, was preserved in the redesign.

Cutouts in the concrete slab floor allow for an indoor forest of taro, fig, and bamboo—and a subsurface drain connected to a perforated underground pipe slowly filters out excess moisture to the groundwater. The cabinets were custom designed by Nick Damner, while the refrigerator and dishwasher are by Thermador.


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