There’s a Jungle Inside This Wild Apartment Just Outside Mumbai

This sculptural, plant-filled apartment blows our minds—just wait until you see the bathroom.
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Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis of the architecture firm The White Room are known for designing organic, curvaceous homes and private gardens. They were approached by a couple seeking to renovate their one-bedroom apartment in the charming suburb of Pali Hill, just outside the bustling city of Mumbai. 

The lush spaces of the Garden Room incorporate plants and organic forms.

The apartment's windows and doors feature curved and irregular apertures.

Barchha and Davis’s resulting design is marked by organic, sculptural forms that mimic the curves and undulating shapes found in nature. Door and window openings are curved and asymmetrical; continuous curves form light fixtures, furniture, and even shelving. 

The White Room created a grotto-like outdoor space with fountains and lush greenery.

The walls are bright white, contrasting with the bold green of the plants and vines that hang throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces. The White Room used natural materials like moss and stone to create texture and give the apartment an otherworldly feeling.

Mosaic tile climbs partway up the walls in the bedroom, and it completely covers the serpentine curves of the bathroom. The turquoise tile is reminiscent of Antoni Gaudi’s mosaics, and it gives the bathroom a glamorous yet inviting feeling.

Hanging and potted plants and a moss floor strike contrast with the apartment's white walls.

Openings along the back wall of the bedroom provide glimpses of the tiled bathroom.

Built-in storage in the bedroom follows the undulating form of the apartment's walls.

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The white walls have an almost Mediterranean vibe to them, but they're distinct in their irregularity.

The apartment's furniture has a minimal presence—many of the pieces are clear, so they don't distract from the flowing interior.

The small size of the teal mosaic tile allows it to hug the curves of the bathroom's walls, ceiling, and built-in shelving.

The curves continue into the rest of the apartment via arched ceilings and door openings. Stone flooring is found throughout the apartment as well.


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