8 Ways to Refresh and Personalize Your Kitchen

From updating hardware and faucets to layering colors and textures, here are some ideas to kickstart a kitchen makeover that brings the entire home to life.
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The kitchen is the most utilitarian room in the home, but that doesn’t mean it has to come up short on style. As the epicenter of activity—whether it's kids doing their homework or guests mingling around the island—the kitchen is an expression of style and personality. As such, a room refresh goes a long way in making an entire home feel new. For those seeking inspiration, we’ve rounded up ideas on how to rejuvenate your kitchen no matter what your design agenda.

Add a Pop of Color

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Whether it be bold cabinets, splashy tiles, or a statement appliance, adding a pop of color livens up the kitchen. Here, a kelly green oven range draws the eye, while muted green accents throughout the space diffuse the effect. The accent is paired with minimal cabinets for a clean, contemporary look.

Experiment With Shiplap

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Traditionally found on the exterior walls of barns and outbuildings, shiplap adds a rustic accent to the room while adding texture and dimension. Try balancing the classic element with modern touches, such as a contemporary pendant light or a sculptural bar stool. Here, a colorful tile backsplash breaks up the shiplap paneling.

Replace the Hardware

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Crisp, black-and-white kitchens can make for a striking aesthetic that is both classic and cutting-edge, but they can also be lacking in warmth. Here, brass finishes on cabinet pulls and the Trinsic® faucet by Delta Faucet add a bit of shine and flair to a monochromatic scheme. For small spaces especially, replacing the hardware can be an easy, non-invasive way to breathe new life into a kitchen.

Install Open Shelving

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Open shelving is a kitchen trend that shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s hard to deny their appeal: not only do they contribute to a bright, airy look, but they also take advantage of vertical wall space. Create vignettes out of a prized bottle collection, special occasion platters, earthenware mugs, artwork—just about anything goes.

Be More Transparent

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Like open shelving, glass-front cabinetry breaks up the monotony of matching uppers and lowers—but you don’t have to dust as often. The glass front allows you to display your best dishware. Here, they echo the copper tones scattered through the space and keep the dark woodwork from feeling too oppressive.

Mix and Match Styles

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Bring together an assortment of styles and contrasting elements for a more eclectic outcome. Here, cool and warm tones complement each other, from the dark wood to the gray stone tiles to the layered artwork on the shelves. Polished silver finishes on the lighting and the Mateo® faucet by Delta Faucet add an industrial touch to more rustic, matte materials.

Increase Utility

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Look for ways you can boost the functionality of your kitchen without adding bulk. If you’re low on cabinet space, installing a pot rack can be a storage solution—and a focal point. Adding a lazy Susan can maximize an awkward corner cabinet, and a wall-mounted pot filler like this one from Delta Faucet saves you trips to the sink.

Make a Statement With Lighting

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A dramatic pendant lamp can redefine a space, setting the mood and providing a focal point for the room. In the spacious, ready-to-entertain kitchen above, a rectangular light echoes the form of the clerestory windows above and the colors of the finishes below.

What are your favorite ideas for kitchen updates? Let us know in the comments below.


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