This Serene L.A. Bathroom Will Transport You to a Sun-Soaked Grecian Isle

A homeowner’s love for Santorini, Greece, became the inspiration for her master bathroom’s tranquil upgrade.
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Even in a city as beautiful as Los Angeles, locals can still daydream of living somewhere else. That was the case for a Highland Park–based entrepreneur who envisioned a sanctuary set on the other side of the world. 

"The client has a penchant for international travel—and specifically to Santorini in the Greek Isles," says Patrick Maziarski, senior designer at A1000xBetter. "Replicating the sacred and sublime experiences of her travels was of the utmost importance."


"In the early days of the renovation, many costly issues were discovered, hidden behind walls and beneath floors," Maziarski says. "There was a constant negotiation between what was imperative and what was frivolous."

Patrick Maziarski and principal Kirsten Blazek aimed to transport the island’s neutral shades and breezy mentality into this master bathroom to turn it into the home’s ideal getaway spot. "Our primary focus was to evoke a sense of tranquility reminiscent of her most rejuvenating adventure," Maziarski continues.

At first glance, this goal seemed as easy as a direct flight. The original bathroom had been updated somewhat recently, and featured details like a dark wood vanity and a subway-tiled shower. It was nice, but it wasn't exactly a dream locale. "It was an uninspired, lackluster remodel," Maziarski says. "Despite its size, it felt poorly planned and quite cold."


A1000xBetter took some square footage from an adjoining guest closet to create space for a freestanding tub. The hexagonal floor tile is by Arto.

The bathroom had plenty of natural light, though, which the team highlighted in the remodel. They developed a new, larger floor plan that took some square footage from an adjoining guest closet to create enough room for a stand-alone tub, a double vanity, and a spa-like shower. Once the plumbing was redirected—a daunting task—the resized bathroom was ready for a relaxed personality. A neutral palette would capture the natural beauty of a sun-drenched beach, and unfussy textures would provide warmth at every corner. 

The sink hardware is by Cal Faucets, and the sconces are by Triple Seven. "We selected materials with subdued tones that still maintained visual interest," Maziarski says.

"The first finish we decided on was the white tadelakt plaster used in the shower, which lent itself well to our rustic Grecian concept," Maziarski says. "From there, we selected materials that still maintained visual interest, like the rustic white oak vanity and the rice-colored concrete floor tile." 

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Maziarski's advice for renovating your master bath? "While your sanctuary doesn’t need to mimic a Greek villa, take a moment to look at your space and identify a few things that can make it your own retreat," he says. 

Perhaps the most showstopping part of the bathroom’s design are the tiles and sconces that distinguish the vanity. Their complementary geometric features almost feel like sails and sun on the horizon—bold shapes that catch the eye amid a sea of soft curves. "They’re admittedly quite contemporary given the desired aesthetic," he says. "But we were drawn to the rough terra-cotta tile, which plays well with the overall concept, and the ceramic sconces as a playful nod to texture."

Plastered surfaces provide a calm texture to the shower, which was built to feel like a spa. Cal Faucets also supplied the showerhead. 

The simple yet impactful style of this master bathroom has made it so that the owner can unwind in a personal Grecian Isle anytime. Looking back on its recent completion, Maziarski notes that the client’s request for escapist comfort is something to aspire to in bathroom design as a whole. It isn’t exactly where you go that matters—it’s about how you feel when you’re there. "Having a space to reset is key to our mental health, he says.

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Project Details:

Architect of Record/Structural Engineer/Civil Engineer: Watchful Eye

Builder: Keith Werle of Watchful Eye

Interior Design: A1000xBetter


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