Henrybuilt’s Systems Instantly Upgrade Unused Space

Henrybuilt’s Systems Instantly Upgrade Unused Space

By Sarah Akkoush / Published by Dwell
Presented by Henrybuilt
The flexibility of Henrybuilt’s unique system of products, combined with its specialized design service, allows for seamless architectural integration.

Henrybuilt, a Seattle based design company, offers kitchen and whole house furniture and storage systems based on an ideal combination of system development, personal tailoring, craft quality, and design service. Henrybuilt offers both world-class design and performance, as well as world-class craft and build quality. Its products are designed to cultivate that ‘just right’ feeling. Not just in how a thing looks, but how it works, wears, and feels every day – for a long time.Beyond designing integrated complete kitchens, beautiful furniture, and whole house storage solutions, Henrybuilt has turned its attention to the perimeters of rooms to recapture often unused wall space. Henrybuilt’s Opencase is a panel-based wall system that utilizes engineered panels and movable stainless steel rods to add dynamic and flexible storage to key spaces, transforming walls into functional and beautiful architectural elements. The stainless steel rods can be assembled by hand, and moved in minutes. With endless configurations possible, the customizable Opencase system allows users to select a range of complimentary fittings including shelves, desks, storage pockets and bins – and even seating. The paired storage elements are flexible and impermanent, giving residents the freedom to swap out and shift desired components as their needs evolve – an innovative perk allowing a home to grow with the people in it. Wall accessories are available in steel, wood, leather, and fabric compositions, tastefully complementing the aesthetics of streamlined panels. Whether used in kitchens, offices, or wardrobes, the Opencase system packs perimeter walls with function, while allowing the surrounding areas to feel elegant, fully resolved, and visually integrated into the space.

Both specialized and flexible, Henrybuilt’s Opencase Wall System transforms walls into functional architecture.

The panel-based storage system creates a feeling of refined openness while adding a high-quality, finished look.Add credit

With numerous configurations available, Opencase can be changed out in minutes.

A wide range of accessory materials, including steel, wood, leather, and fabric, allows homeowners to personalize and customize their space.

Opencase panels allow adjacent walls within a home to feel resolved, and cohesively woven into the surrounding design.Add credit

Another way Henrybuilt puts walls to work is through their Functional Partition Wall. Used to smartly and selectively define interior spaces, the wall is both a visual divider, as well as a storage tool. Made to last, and exemplifying Henrybuilt’s longstanding emphasis on aesthetics, function, and quality construction, the wall is designed as a piece of furniture, hand-built from solid wood, Paperstone, and opaque white glass. Simultaneously providing privacy and transparency, the wall elegantly transforms open spaces without dividing them too harshly. One side of the wall is soft and muted, with opaque white glass quietly reflecting and diffusing light – while the other side, the ‘working side’, allows the option of integrated storage. The wall can be freestanding, or attached to an island or peninsula. Functional options for the ‘working side’ include integrated shelves, pot racks, built-in outlets, recessed knife storage, and space for everyday items like phones and keys. Like the Opencase system, the components of the Functional Partition Wall can be conveniently switched in and out to change the functionality of the wall.

The Henrybuilt Functional Partition Wall can be freestanding, or attached to an island or peninsula.

The wall offers elegant spatial screening, without dividing a space too harshly. The opaque white glass provides both privacy and transparency.

Storage options for the ‘working side’ include shelves, pot racks, integrated outlets, knife storage, and recessed areas for things like keys.

The functionality of the wall is adaptable, and can be easily and quickly changed by the user.

Marrying refined materials with technology, Henrybuilt strives to provide interior solutions that are more architecturally integrated than other systems. Their design-driven approach places strong emphasis on products and pieces that are not only long-lasting, but also flexible and adaptive. With both the Opencase system, and Functional Partition Wall, Henrybuilt offers practical storage components that reduce clutter, all while being intuitive and natural to use. Whether recapturing existing wall space, or strategically adding new architectural dividers, Henrybuilt ‘s functional designs bring ease and simplification to day-to-day tasks – beautifully making walls work for the residents that live within them.


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