Go Stargazing in Snøhetta’s Towering Addition to Sweden’s Treehotel

Guests can now book a stay in the 7th room, a cabin that seems to float in a pine canopy with views of the Lule River and the northern lights.
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An extension of Treehotel’s mission of bringing modern design to a serene natural environment, the 7th room is a cabin lofted among the treetops that blurs the distinction between indoors and outdoors. Designed by the renowned firm Snøhetta, the structure hovers 10 meters above the ground with a black-and-white print of the canopy covering the bottom façade, creating a trompe l'oeil effect. The two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge area, and netted terrace are arranged across two slightly different levels, accommodating up to five guests. Barring a fear of heights, you can choose to lay your sleeping bag on the double-layered net that connects the two bedrooms and enjoy a night under the stars. Modeled after a Nordic cabin, the 7th room is clad with burnt pine wood with birch plywood forming the interior walls and serving as a tonal contrast. An expression of the landscape and an extension of the hotel’s ecological ethos, the new addition promises to be an awe-inspiring retreat.

As guests approach the cabin from a distance, their view of the structure becomes gradually obscured until the only façade visible is that of the bottom, which bears a print of a pine tree canopy.

To reduce the load of the trees and minimize the building's impact on the forest, 12 columns support the cabin. One tree stretches up through the net, emphasizing the connection to the outdoors.

Light ash flooring and birch plywood walls create a light interior that contrasts the dark, charred exterior wood. Here in the lounge space, simple furniture such as the Scandia Chair by Hans Brattrud and a central pellet stove create a calm, inviting environment. A floor-to-ceiling window, facing north, is your best bet for seeing the Aurora Borealis. 

A double-layered net stretches between two bedrooms, providing an open terrace and a place to sleep under the night sky. 

The bedrooms are placed on opposite ends of the cabin, each equipped with sliding doors that lead to the netted terrace. Above, skylights offer additional views of the stars.

A bathroom and shower overlooks the surrounding forest.

Guests ascend a staircase into the cabin, while a small lift carries up their luggage.

The introductory rate for the cabin is about $1,340 for five guests, and includes a buffet breakfast. 

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