12 Stunning Glass Cabins You Can Rent Right Now for a Dream Getaway

When it comes to cabins, wood is good—but glazing is amazing.

There’s nothing greater than spending a night under the stars surrounded by nature—and now you can savor the experience without roughing it in the slightest. Glass cabins are popping up all around the world, and they combine breathtaking views with all the comforts of home. Read on for 11 transparent dwellings that you can rent for an unforgettable night’s stay.

Hintercabin in Quebec

Located in Quebec, Canada, Hintercabin is a Scandinavian-inspired lakefront cabin featuring a modular design and floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

Average Price: from $225 per night

Hintercabin is a Scandinavian-inspired modular cabin designed with simplicity in mind. The interior features wood flooring, a neutral color palette, and minimal decor for a restful stay that celebrates the beauty of the surrounding landscape. | Book Now

The Glass House in Wisconsin

Located in the hills of southern Wisconsin, the Glass House cabin provides a panoramic view of the surrounding woods.

Average Price: from $140 per night

The Glass House is a vacation property offered by Candlewood Cabins, located in rural Richland County, Wisconsin. The intimate glass cabin is designed for guests looking to connect with nature, and it offers stunning views of the forested hillside, along with access to local hiking trails and trout fishing. | Book Now

Glass Cabin in the Woods

Nestled on a private six-acre lot in New York’s Hudson Valley, this glass cabin was designed by INC Architecture & Design.

Average Price: from $350 per night

This Hudson Valley cabin was designed as a "labor of love" by architect Adam Rolston. The peaceful retreat is nestled in six acres of dense fern forest, and it’s close to excellent hiking trails, historical markers, and ski resorts. | Book Now

WonderINN: A Tiny Mirrored Glass Cabin in Norway

Located at the confluence of Norway’s two longest rivers, this mirrored cabin offers panoramic views and unparalleled wildlife spotting.

Average Price: from $288 per night

The tiny mirrored glass cabin, affectionately named the WonderINN, is a hidden gem located in the bucolic nature reserve of Nordre Øyeren, just a 25-minute drive from Oslo. The mirrored glass cabin blends into the surrounding landscape, offering guests an opportunity to fully experience the region’s unique ecosystem, which is home to more fish and bird species than virtually any other region in Norway. | Book Now

Immerso Glass Cabin in the Italian Alps

Guests can gaze at the stars all night long.

Average Price: from $88 per night 

Known as "Immerso Glamping", this alpine cabin, designed by Italian architects Fabio Vignolo and Francesca Turnaturi, is true to its name: it allows guests to go off the grid and reconnect with nature in an inventive way. While the prefabricated shelter is designed to be easily moveable, Immerso Glamping is currently located in the alpine village of Usseaux in Italy's Piedmont region. | Book Now

The "Ultimate" Escape in British Columbia

Located on the Blaeberry River near Golden, British Columbia, this glass cabin was designed by Form and Forest.

Average Price: from $335 per night

Located on the Blaeberry River near Golden, British Columbia, this cabin by Form and Forest is designed to be the ultimate retreat. Wall-to-ceiling glass panels and vaulted ceilings offer incredible views of the Canadian Rockies and Blaeberry River, while contemporary decor and state-of-the-art amenities add a vibrant touch to this clean-lined getaway. | Book Now

Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland

Panorama Lodge has the tagline "Where the sky is," which perfectly suits this 248-square-foot cabin in Iceland.

Average Price: from $472 per night

There are certain trips that can be considered once-in-a-lifetime experiences—and a stay at the Panorama Glass Lodge in Hvalfjörður, Iceland (30 minutes from Reykjavík) certainly qualifies. The 248-square-foot cabin is ensconced in glass panels, offering expansive views of the neighboring fjord as well as the opportunity to sleep beneath the northern lights. | Book Now

Midcentury Glass Cabin in Palm Springs

This home was designed by William Krisel and built by the Alexander Construction Company in 1958 as a winter getaway cabin. The current owners researched the original plans to perfectly capture the midcentury aesthetic.

Average Price: from $495 per night

The Krisel Glass Cabin is a holiday home in Palm Springs designed by midcentury icon William Krisel—and it’s recently been restored to its original glory. The home features expansive glazing, polished concrete floors, vaulted ceilings, and a stacked brick fireplace. The interior is outfitted with furnishings by Tom Dixon, Arne Jacobson, Eero Saarinen, and the Eameses. | Book Now

Hudson Valley Tiny Glass House

This 180-square-foot cabin offers 360-degree views of the Hudson Valley.

Average Price: from $167 per night

Tucked away on a 30-acre farm, this 180-square-foot cabin offers 360-degree views of the Hudson Valley—including vineyards, orchards, and even a small lavender field. The intimate dwelling is perfect for a couple or solo travelers (the maximum occupancy is two guests), and it promises an immersive experience in nature. | Book Now

Arctic Adventure Cabins in Norway

Conceived and developed by Arctic explorer Børge Ousland, these award-winning waterfront cabins are located on Manshausen Island, Norway.

Average Price: from $299 per night

Commissioned by renowned polar explorer Børge Ousland, these award-winning sea cabins were created by Ousland in partnership with architect Snorre Stinessen. Each cabin is situated to maximize views, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the sea. | Book Now

Glass Cabin near Sequoia National Park 

The Glass House is located in Three Rivers, California, and is described as an off-the-grid retreat with private river access and ample amenities, but no access to WiFi, cable, or cell service.

Average Price: from $250 per night

Located in Three Rivers, California—a region called the gateway community of Sequoia National Park—the Glass House is a peaceful retreat that offers guests the opportunity to commune with the region’s ancient forests. The simple glass-paneled structure, minimal decor, and lack of Wi-Fi or cell service allow for prime opportunities to unplug and connect with the natural world. | Book Now 

Sweden’s 72-Hour Glass Cabins

Sweden’s glass cabins are tiny and simply appointed to encourage guests to explore the surrounding landscape during the day. The glass roof and lack of light pollution allow for fantastic views of the night sky after dark.

Average Price: from $776 for a 3-night stay

The glass cabins from Sweden's 72-Hour Cabin project (launched by Visit Sweden in 2017) are currently available at three locations: Henriksholm, Baldersnäs, and Dalslands Aktiviteter. All of the tiny cabins are situated in exceptionally tranquil settings, as they were initially created to help guests disconnect from the hyperconnected world and experience a sense of place in nature. | Book Now

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