Getting to this Tiny Prefab Cabin in Western Norway Is an Adventure

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By William Harrison / Published by Dwell
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A lakeside prefab in Norway is a study in idyllic seclusion.

Alone by a small lake amid a virtually untouched mountain range in western Norway, the Bjellandsbu, a 376-square-foot hunting cabin, is the far-flung prefab of which many dream. For Snøhetta, the firm that designed the retreat for finance guru Osvald Bjelland, building here necessitated a flexible approach that
prioritized locally sourced materials.

The cabin is notable for its terrain-conscious materials: local stone lines the front facade and the grass-coated roof appears to grow directly from its surroundings.

Initially told he could only visit the site via helicopter, photographer James Silverman had to remain adaptable as well, clambering across frozen streams, snow banks, and sheets of ice on horseback to reach the cabin. The resulting image underscores the sublime beauty of the project and its surroundings, as well as the fortitude of all involved.