Find Sanctuary in This Chalet in the Italian Alps

La Pedevilla blends traditional and contemporary elements in the alpine landscape of South Tyrol, Italy.
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Nestled in the Dolomite mountains of northeastern Italy, La Pedevilla is a modern cousin to the traditional farm homes dotting the picturesque hamlet of Pliscia. Its larch wood cladding, painted black, stands both in contrast to the surrounding greenery and in conversation with the distant Alps, a fitting metaphor for a structure that straddles the divide between the old world and the new.

Only local materials were used to build the chalet, including the larch wood cladding of the exterior, to reinforce the connection between indoors and outdoors.

Armin and Alexander Pedevilla took design inspiration from the traditional farmhouses of the region.

Built by Armin Pedevilla and his brother Alexander of Pedevilla Architects, the chalet includes two buildings: one is home to Armin, his architect wife Caroline, and their three children Laurenz, Valerian, and Helena. The other is available to rent throughout the year for $246 to $392 per night depending on the season.

The loggia-inspired balcony, a fixture of the region's architecture, protects guests from harsh winds.

In contrast to the dark exterior, the interior is made of white concrete with aggregates of dolomite rock.

The kitchen and dining room enjoy panoramic mountain views. Local pine was hand-hewn for the flooring, windows, doors, and furniture throughout the residence.

The pair of buildings pays homage to the region’s "Les Viles" architecture style, which is comprised of a farmhouse and stable, and characterized by wooden facades, gable roofs, and loggia-type balconies shielded from the wind. La Pedevilla also carries the tradition of being self-sufficient by drawing from its own water source and using geothermal and solar energy. Perched at an altitude of over 3,900 feet in a community of 23 people, four farms, and a church, the chalet affords unsurpassable views and the opportunity for guests to decompress.

The main floor holds a spacious living area with a fold-out sofa, reading materials, a flat screen TV, and children's toys.

Upstairs, a wooden slatted wall doubles as a bookshelf.

The room can easily adapt to become a study, lounge, or entertainment space.

The minimal interior lends a modern feel to the chalet.

Two bedrooms occupy the second floor. This one, outfitted with stone pine furniture, looks out at a steep meadow.

Guests can buy fresh cheese, milk, and eggs from the neighbors. 

Each season makes for its own experience. With the popular Kronplatz ski resort nearby, winter guests can take their pick of skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and more. In the spring, wildflowers blanket the valley, and summer is the ideal time to dive into a mountain lake. During fall, the changing leaves create a fiery spectacle. 

To make a reservation, visit the La Pedevilla website.


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