A Perforated Balcony Brings Ample Light Into a Tiny Abode

A Perforated Balcony Brings Ample Light Into a Tiny Abode

Argentinian studio IR Aquitectura puts every inch of this small, 269-square-foot apartment to good use.

Located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, El Camarin is a small apartment nestled on the first floor in a 1950s building. Despite its lack of square footage, the tiny abode appears to be much larger than its actual size thanks to a full redesign by Argentinian studio IR Arquitectura. Scroll ahead to take a peek inside the cozy, contemporary space.

Because the apartment occupies an "ochava" (a corner of the building), the architects sheathed the curved exterior of the balcony to become a translucent, wave-like structure.  

The protected balcony allows the owners to enjoy the sunshine with just the right amount of shade.

The perforated structure enables ample light penetration, allowing the owners to look out to the street while still maintaining their privacy.

For the interiors, the architects have utilized every nook and cranny of the home to come up with smart storage solutions to maximize floor space.  

During the winter months, the white structure helps to trap heat and keep the apartment warm.

"The incorporation of the balcony space enclosure creates a diaphragm that is able to expand the use of the apartment in summer, and to contract it in winter," explains Luciano Intile, co-founder of the firm. "This exterior screen turns the balcony into thermal mattress that, due to its geometry and texture, will assume the responsibility of ensure the privacy of El Camarin."

Glazed, timber-framed folding doors separate the interior living area from the balcony. 

When the doors are closed, the owners can still look out to nature beyond the balcony.

Sunlight streaming through the perforated structure passes through the glass doors to brighten the interiors.

One of the kitchen's panel doors opens to reveal a hidden bathroom. 

A pullout dining table is concealed within one of the white kitchen panels.

Storage has been incorporated under the open selves, within false ceilings, and overhead cupboards.

The white kitchen and laundry joinery fold away, making them out of sight when not in use. 

The space between the sleeping nook and balcony functions as a flexible living area.

The sleeping and study nook sit on a raised platform, and are surrounded by open shelving filled with books and plants.   

The open shelves separate the more secluded sleeping and study area from the rest of the apartment, yet still allow for strong visual connectivity, as well as ample light flow.

Project Credits:

Architecture & Design: IR Arquitectura / @ir.arquitectura



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