Eco-Friendly A-Frame in the French Countryside

Eco-Friendly A-Frame in the French Countryside

By Kelsey Keith
A serene French country house expresses a reverence for wood.

Dominique Jacquot didn’t have many parameters in mind when she started imagining her house in the countryside, 45 minutes outside Paris. One requirement, however, was plenty of wood. She ran across architect Jean-Baptiste Barache’s wooden A-frame house in Normandy and liked that it was "pure and poetic." So she enlisted his firm, Arba, to "create and invent"—as long as an open living plan and a space to practice yoga were part of the deal. Following Jacquot’s basic brief, the architects chose northern pine to frame the two-bedroom structure, untreated larch wood for the cladding and window framing, ash for the ground floor, and spruce for the attic.

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