Bosch's Streamlined Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Are Made for Small Spaces

Bosch's Streamlined Kitchen and Laundry Appliances Are Made for Small Spaces

Designed specifically for compact living, Bosch's line of 24" appliances fits seamlessly into the modern kitchen and laundry room.

From urban-dwellers to empty-nesters, many are now embracing the movement toward smaller, more sensible living. Bosch's new line of 24" kitchen appliances is designed to help them save space without downsizing on style. 

People who are interested in small living often feel hamstrung by the lack of appliances that satisfy their needs, both spatially and aesthetically. 

Bosch's compact kitchen line, which includes an electric and gas cooktop, wall oven, and refrigerator, as well as an 18" dishwasher, is particularly well-suited for city apartments and secondary hangouts, like basements and guesthouses.

Residents of lofts, condos, and other micro-dwellings know all too well that major appliances can be space hogs. The 24" inch series frees these homeowners to get creative with their limited square footage.   

Joining the kitchen line, Bosch recently unveiled an efficient 24" laundry pair. The units can be stacked vertically, further reducing their footprint in the home. 

Together, Bosch's sleek 24" kitchen and laundry suites address the trend toward smaller living by extending modern, European-style design to even the closest quarters. 


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