The Bookworm Cabin Is a Bibliophile’s Dream Come True

A Polish entrepreneur and an architect create the perfect cabin for unplugging, kicking back, and getting lost in a good book.

Bartłomiej Kraciukand and Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk built The Bookworm Cabin with the intention of immersing themselves in nature and catching up on reading. The cozy 377-square-foot cabin is set on a wooded plot just 31 miles outside of Warsaw near the town of Mazovia, and the property’s lush forest and sand dunes became the launching point for the couple’s initial design concept.

The cabin’s pine-and-spruce exterior allow it to blend into its forested surroundings.

Floor-to-ceiling windows on the front facade of the cabin allow guests to take in views of the woods and sand dunes.

"I just loved staring at this landscape—but how long can you do that for?" asks Kraciuk. "Maybe longer if you are indoors facing a big window, sitting on a comfy chair. Still, how long can you endure this? That’s when the idea to fill it with books came in. That way one can sit, stare, and have a reason for it—the reason being reading a book."

The windows, which tower over 16 feet, provide plenty of natural light for the cabin.

Nearly every wall of the cabin is fitted with bookshelves.

Puchalska-Kraciuk, who is an architect specializing in interior design with the firm Moszczyńska Puchalska in Warsaw, adapted the cabin’s design from colleagues at POLE Architekci.

She took one of the design firm’s cabin concepts and modified it for the bibliophile dwelling. "We made minor changes to the colors, window arrangement, and some interior design, and the house was ready," says Kraciuk.

The Iwaki cast-iron wood stove by Invicta keeps the space warm during Poland’s cold winters. 

The Bookworm Cabin was intended as a getaway for the couple’s family, but they also rent it out during the rest of the year. "We wanted a cabin to detach from everyday life," says Kraciuk. "Yet from the start we knew that we would have the time to visit a few times in a year at most."

Hundreds of books were provided by publishing partner Wydawnictwo Albatros. 

The cozy cabin is split between two levels, with 269 square feet on the first floor and a 108-square-foot sleeping loft. Space is used wisely—a full bathroom is tucked underneath the stairs, bookcases filled with hundreds of books line the interior, and a kitchenette stands against the far wall.

The custom-made plywood cabinetry in the kitchen was hand-impregnated with microcement.

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Smartly tucked underneath the stairs is a full bath.

"The building is quite small, yet it has everything you need and nothing more," says Kraciuk. "It fits two people comfortably."

Throughout the cabin, organic materials like wood echo the forested great outdoors. The cabin’s exterior is clad in pine, and the deck and roof are made of spruce.

For a clean and minimal aesthetic, white and gray tiles are paired with pine wood in the bathroom.

In the lofted sleeping area, a custom-made steel railing is painted black.

A wall of windows at the cabin’s front facade stands over 16 feet high. Oversized wood shutters are designed to lock and protect the house when it’s vacant and to provide privacy at night. "Despite their size, they are quite easy to use," says Kraciuk.

Inside, the frame is spruce with pinewood walls and VOX oiled oak flooring. Furnishings and decor are mostly from VOX as well, with a handful of vintage and custom pieces mixed in.

Bookshelves continue upstairs into the lofted sleeping area.

The living room extends into the great outdoors with a spruce deck.

Oversized pine shutters can be closed to protect the glass facade.

The cabin was finished in June, and since its completion the owners have been flooded with reservation requests. This year is completely full, and all weekends up through May 2020 are booked. Reserve your stay at the Bookworm Cabin now.

The giant shutters can easily be opened and closed by one person.

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Project Credits:

Architect of Record: POLE Architekci / @polearchitekci

Builder: Naturalne Domy 

Flooring and Furnishings: VOX

Books provided by publishing partner: Wydawnictwo Albatros


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