10 Trendy Spots to Take the Perfect Bathroom Selfie

10 Trendy Spots to Take the Perfect Bathroom Selfie

By Banu Ibrahim
Up your Instagram game with these picture-perfect bathrooms.

Not all mirror selfies are created equal. When it comes to Instagram cred, location and decor are everything—so much so, in fact, that hotels, bars, restaurants, and other establishments are treating their bathrooms as a marketing moment, curating the perfect aesthetic in hopes of landing on the ’Gram.  

The following bathroom selfie hotspots are trending, and for good reason. Keep these restaurants in your back pocket for your next #ootd. Your Instagram feed will thank you. 

The Manzoni Restaurant

Thanks to the help of British designer Tom Dixon, the newly opened Manzoni in Milan has become so much more than just a restaurant. This theatrical backdrop is a must-see for design enthusiasts—especially the restroom, which features Dixon’s whimsical black copper pendants suspended from the ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors that face each other to create a dizzying infinity effect.

Let’s be honest: London’s Sketch is probably high on your list not because of its high tea (although it’s great for that) but rather its eccentric bathroom. This iconic selfie location is best known for its egg-shaped capsules that are actually "loos," and its technicolor lighting display on the ceiling.

All of The Wing’s locations are easily identifiable by their playful and punchy color schemes. And the bathrooms of this all-female coworking and networking space are no exception. Each location has its own spin on the traditional powder room, and are marked by its use of eye-catching wallpaper, bright accent chairs, and oversized mirrors.

Sketch isn’t the only restaurant across the pond getting in on the bold bathroom bandwagon. Acclaimed chef Yotam Ottlengi’s restaurant Nopi in London features delightful Middle Eastern bites and an equally delightful restroom. Covered in reflective glass throughout, the bathroom feels like a modern interpretation of a carnival funhouse. Just make sure to remember which door you came in from, or you might have some trouble getting out.

Charley St in New York City is known for its avocado toast —so it comes as no surprise that there are avos everywhere in this restaurant. Its prime selfie location is the bathroom, where fruit-covered wallpaper adorns its walls.

It's hard not to take a photo in this art deco bathroom at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, California, which draws on rich colors and intricate geometric detail.

The Musee Baccarat in Paris is famous for its display of French-crafted Baccarat crystals. Even its bathroom has some dazzling pieces on display, namely the chandelier situated inside the Museum’s Cristal Room restaurant.

While not as flashy as other spots on this list, the private bathrooms at the The Ludlow Hotel have become a huge hit on Instagram. This is all thanks to its clean aesthetic, picture-perfect natural lighting, and for the lucky hotel guests with a view, a stunning backdrop of New York City’s Lower East Side.

Restaurant and bar Motel Morris in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood has an irresistibly retro bathroom befitting the motel theme. There you’ll find a 1950s-inspired bathroom setup complete with a rigid-hood hair dryer and a rotary dial phone from the era for some serious nostalgia.

What avocados are to Charley St, bananas are to Media Noche, a fast casual Cuban spot in San Francisco. Covered in vibrant, metallic wallpaper and a grid of white tiles, the bathroom is pure Instagram gold.

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