6 Ways to Declutter and Free Up Space in Your Bedroom

6 Ways to Declutter and Free Up Space in Your Bedroom

By Michele Koh Morollo
A well-designed bedroom should encourage you to unwind and unplug from the chores and activities of the day and enjoy a deep, restful sleep—but that’s not always the case.

Bedrooms can quickly get messy as clothes, books, bags, and wires take up precious space. Here are six ideas to help you declutter and free up space in your bedroom so that it exudes a sense of serenity and calm that befits a place of rest and rejuvenation.

Customized Wardrobes

The trouble with store-bought wardrobe systems is that they don’t always meet your needs or fit your space. Rather than purchasing a standard wardrobe, think about the clothing, shoes, accessories, bedding, towels, and blankets that you own. Then, consider having your wardrobe custom-made with just the right number of hanging rods, compartments, and drawers to accommodate the items you want to store. This way, you can find an area that will easily allow for storage without taking up valuable space that you may need for something else. It will also maximize wardrobe space and keep all apparel out of sight.  

Beds With Built-In Storage

Instead of letting the space under your bed go to waste, why not design or buy a bed frame with a smart storage system? Drawers located under your box spring or mattress will not only help keep your room tidy, but they also help free up floor space that would otherwise be allocated for a separate freestanding dresser.

Shop the Look
Niels Bendtsen Nest Storage Bed
Niels Bendtsen designed his Nest Storage Bed (2014) to fulfill the inherent need for extra storage in compact spaces yet also possess the volume to stand alone in larger ones without looking diminutive or out of place.
Sean Yoo Matera Bed with Storage
The Matera Collection (2007), focused on delivering ample storage, is the work of Sean Yoo, who at the time of its conception lived in Matera, Italy (thus its name).

Storage Benches and Ottomans

An effective way to introduce seating and extra storage is with a storage bench or ottoman at the foot of your bed. This can be a good place to keep your bed linens, towels, or your duvet in the summer.

Make Your Bedroom a Tech-Free Zone

Make rest a priority in your bedroom by removing your tech devices including televisions, computers, and laptops. Unsightly wires, electrical plugs, and chargers that accompany computers and entertainment systems can make your bedroom feel more like an office than a soothing snooze zone. If you move your technology out of your bedroom, there’s a good chance you’ll be falling asleep quicker than usual. 

Keep Furniture and Decor to a Minimum

Reduce the number of built-in and loose furniture items in your bedroom. Keep small lamps to a minimum—all you need is one desk lamp or a floor lamp, which can double up as a reading light at night. If you want to include a writing desk, choose a small, lightweight piece that you can easily move to another part of your home if needed. Avoid an excess amount of built-in shelving or cabinetry as these can make your room look small and cramped.

Murphy Beds and Stow-Away Furniture

Murphy beds, sofa beds, writing desks that can be hidden away, and nesting side tables are good choices if you want to free up as much space as possible while keeping your bedroom neat and streamlined. Stow-away furniture is particularly useful if you live in a tiny space and want to use your bedroom for other purposes during the day.

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