A Pitched-Roof Dwelling on Scotland's Isle of Skye

A Pitched-Roof Dwelling on Scotland's Isle of Skye

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By Diana Budds / Photos by Andrew Lee
A modern house steeped in heritage, history, and spirituality emerges on the fringes of Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

In the Hebrides, an archipelago off Scotland’s northwest coast, longhouses—narrow single-room dwellings—have been part of the regional vernacular for more than 1,000 years. Historically, builders used what was available from the land—namely stone, turf, and thatch—to craft the pitched-roof structures. Dualchas Architects, a local firm with offices in Glasgow and on the Isle of Skye, drew from this no-nonsense typology when they designed a modern home for writer, London Business School professor, and practicing Buddhist Dominic Houlder. "Part of our firm’s ambition is to promote the value of our architectural heritage and to reinforce confidence in our culture," says principal architect Neil Stephen.

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