A Norwegian Summer Cabin Embraces the Rocky Terrain

A Norwegian Summer Cabin Embraces the Rocky Terrain

By Michele Koh Morollo
Balancing on irregular, rough-hewn rocks along the Norwegian coast, this renovated summer cabin near a town called Larvik in Vestfold County intelligently navigates a challenging terrain to take full advantage of dramatic views.

Located just about 16 feet from the sea, Lille Arøya—a 807-square-foot summer cabin—perches on a small, rugged island. 

This part of Vestfold County consists of a number of tiny islands that have exposed rock surfaces of different heights. Such topography is often difficult to safely build upon. 

Oslo-based practice Lund Hagem Architects took on the challenge, drilling solid galvanized steel columns straight into the rock to provide stable support for the house on the uneven ground. 

They built a new structure that consists of two volumes:a lower post-and-beam volume where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located, and a taller volume with a large, cantilevered roof with wind-bracing gables that serves as shelter for the living, kitchen, and dining areas. 

Generous outdoor decks and large, fully-glazed sliding doors provide ample circulation while opening up the cabin to the gorgeous environment. 

Glulam beams are used inside and out, and both interior and exterior walls are clad in rough sawn ore pine. 

Together with the raw steel columns and white concrete fireplace, the wood defines the color and mood of the interiors. 

The uniform aesthetic of the cabin's interior and exterior dissolves the threshold between indoor and outdoor spaces—and further connects the structure with its stunning, coastal landscape. 

Project Credits: 

- Architecture: Lund Hagem Architects 

- Builder: Holhjem & Lindhjem 

- Structural engineer: Estatikk 

- Lighting: Concept Design 

- Interior Design: Kaja Klingenberg 

- Timber cladding: Svenneby Sag 

- Flashings: Vestfold Kobber og Blikk 


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