A New Concept For Modular, Affordable Housing Is Coming to London's Vacant Buildings

A forward-thinking architectural practice partners with a premier property guardian to create a concept for high-quality housing that's environmentally-friendly and affordable.
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The collaborative team of Studio Bark and Lowe Guardians describe the SHED concept as "a flexible solution for the short term, a responsible solution for the long term." The SHED works to combat the urban housing shortage, the high rental rates for young professionals, and the shocking number of some 600,000 properties that sit vacant across the UK. The concept will provide a safe solution for workers seeking short-term residence, and in the future, could be a crucial factor in easing homelessness and the refugee crisis.

Minimizing both financial and economic waste, the SHED takes only one day to build or deconstruct.  After it is deconstructed, it can be rebuilt in other buildings, filling derelict structures that would remain otherwise vacant. Composed of oriented strand board (OSB), lamb's wool insulation, and recycled polyester, the construct is affordable and sustainable.

The ease of construction allows each SHED occupant to assemble it themselves, providing ownership to each living space while simultaneously building a new community of knowledgeable SHED builders. Simple, durable, and long-lasting, the unit can be put together by just a few essential tools: a mallet, a drill, and some screws. Available in a variety of sizes, the SHED starts at 120 square feet.

To view an introductory video to the SHED, click here. 


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