A Holiday Apartment in Poland With the Perfect Mix of Vintage and Custom Furniture

A Holiday Apartment in Poland With the Perfect Mix of Vintage and Custom Furniture

By Melissa Dalton
Loft Kolasiński revitalizes a 1920 flat with a medley of unique and classic pieces.

Loft Kolasiński, an acclaimed interiors and product design studio, knows furniture. According to their website, when they're not scouring auctions and "befriending collectors all over Europe," they are designing individualized solutions for clients to be fabricated in their favorite carpentry shop. (In 2015, they debuted their first official collection, called Public Project. Check it out and their portfolio here.) 

The secret to their adept mix? They seek out furniture from the 1920s through the 1970s, and during the restoration process, always "preserve the original character of the object." 

For this apartment in the seaside resort of Międzyzdroje in northwestern Poland, the team assembled a tight blend of refurbished vintage finds with sleek oiled-oak items of their own creation, such as the mirror in the photo above. White-washed walls and light wood floors provide the ideal backdrop to let their selections stand out. 

In the living room, the leather sofa is from the Danish company Stouby, circa the 1970s, and it's been paired with a Danish leather armchair from the 1960s, designer unknown. The pendant lights are 1970s-era Polam pieces. 

The cane and metal armchair above is a 1960s model designed by Martin Visser for the Dutch company Spectrum. It sits with a vintage medical floor lamp dated to the 1920s. 

Padded 1960s Thonet chairs are placed around a 1960s Danish table, designer unknown.

In the kitchen, a 1950s cafe table is complemented by streamlined French chairs dating to the 1960s. 

In the bedroom, both the bed and bedside table were designed by Loft Kolasiński. The table underneath the sink basin is also theirs, and is illuminated by a 50s-era industrial sconce from Poland.


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