8 Spa-Like Bathrooms Designed to Instantly Soothe

Let these airy oases across the globe spur some ideas for creating your own refuge.
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There’s nothing like taking a long, relaxing soak in a deep tub or performing your daily ablutions in a calm, elegant environment—reasons why we dream of having our own spa-like, stress-free sanctuary. Below, we look at some dreamy bathrooms whose neutral color palettes, access to natural light, and minimalist design impart a sense of ease and wellness.

A Luxe Marble Bathroom in Zurich by Roomdresser

A glowing mirror, wall-to-wall marble, and a hefty-yet-delicate sink in this bathroom by interior design firm Roomdresser oozes a mixture of clean lines and carefully lit surfaces for a relaxing, calming experience.

The drama of this green marble remains soothing and calming as it gives floor-to-ceiling views of a lush garden beyond. In fact, the bathroom in this home in Mexico City is an extension of the home, which, as the designer and owner described it, was intended to be "a retreat, a kind of a temple."

A functional and contemporary master bath becomes a spacious oasis with Afyon Grey marble in the shower, his-and-hers back-to-back vanities, and plenty of custom shelving and storage.

A crisp, white freestanding bathtub is the centerpiece of this modern bathroom, with a minimalist yet dramatic faucet. Views of the landscape out the window give the feeling of being outside while staying inside, and a retractable blind provides privacy when necessary. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample lighting for an open effect.

A skylight illuminates the neutral palette of this master bathroom, letting bathers peacefully contemplate the clouds from the privacy of its enclosed walls. The wood counter, concrete sink, and pebbled floor create a calming, textured space, and the natural materials stand out against the white subway tile.

In a building inspired by the environmental elements of light, air, sound, and water, this bathroom in New York embodies captures natural light and shades of white. The Japanese-style soaking tub is a nod to spa chambers, and the finishes are subtle, elegant, and calming.

At a summer house guided by simplicity and respect for nature, a sauna and bathroom pavilion were added to flesh out the small cabin’s amenities. Between the adjacent sauna, the warm tones of the wood tub and the concrete floor, and the generous views of the outdoors, this bathroom is a perfect refuge from the nearby city of Oslo.

Spa-like doesn’t have to mean lavish or uneconomical. At this environmentally-conscious home in California, the owners specifically selected recycled and eco-friendly materials along with energy-saving appliances and low-flow showerheads and faucets. With a neutral, textured palette of grays and browns highlighted by natural light from multiple windows, the bathroom is a restful space with a dramatic and inviting freestanding tub.


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