7 Wallpaper Designs That Will Instantly Revamp Your Space

When it comes to decor, there are very few products that can alter the mood and ambience of a space as dramatically as wallpaper.

Not only can the prints and patterns instantly dress up a room, but they can also be used to help hide stains, smudges, and even blemishes far better than a coat of paint. If you're on the hunt for wallpaper inspiration, below are seven popular options that are guaranteed to bring forth pops of pizzazz, no matter the space.

1. Jungle Prints 

Thanks to Los Angeles designer and author Justina Blakeney, jungle and plant printed wallpapers in vibrant greens and deep browns have become fashionable again. If you can’t get out in nature as much as you’d like to, foliage, botanical, and forest motifs are a great way to introduce a little wilderness to your well-ordered urban lifestyle.  

The headboard in this bedroom playfully echoes the shape of the side table. The vibrant wallpaper is from Arte.

The deep golden yellow, cream, and beige leaves on this Aja (Aubergine) wallpaper—designed by Justina Blakeney for Hygge & West—gives this room a luxe, modern feel.

2. Bold Geometric Shapes

Geometric prints work well with retro and/or midcentury interiors, and are an easy way to add character and color to any space. Large two-tone geometric patterns with clean lines are great for more modern concepts, while tribal or folk-inspired patterns can work for rustic kitchens, or minimalist bedrooms

The wallpaper above is by Hygge & West and was screen-printed by hand in Chicago, IL. 

Here is another example of Hygge & West modern artisan wallpaper.

3. Flowery Bohemian Patterns 

Channel the spirit of the 70s with bohemian-style floral or paisley wallpapers. Intricate, sensual, and flamboyant, such eye-catching and flowery designs can be used on feature walls, or above kitchen cabinetry to bring a fun, playful touch to your home. 

The Lotus wallpaper pattern by Galbraith and Paul is produced in-studio with the help of a digital printer.

The wallpaper from Finland breaks up the clean white surface.

4. Marble-Inspired Effects 

Using marble for your walls can not only be impractical, but expensive, too. Yet, that shouldn’t stop you from introducing the wonderful swirls and textures of marble to your decor. Brands such as Murals Wallpaper and Calico have a collection of luxurious marble-inspired designs that can assist in bringing a touch of natural elegance into any room.  

This marble-inspired wallpaper above brings a touch of natural elegance to the sitting area. 

In this open-plan living area, a wall covered in Calico’s Lunaris Midnight—inspired by moonscapes and outer space—sets the tone for a vignette of darker furnishings, including a vintage credenza that doubles as an entertainment center, equipped with a Sonos Playbar.

5. Graphic Motifs 

Wallpapers that look like graphic paper—or penciled graphics on paper— are becoming ever so popular these days. Ideal for small apartments, bathrooms, home offices, and/or kitchens, graphic motifs can increase the hip factor in even the most simply furnished modern spaces thanks to the patterns' fuss-free style.  

Apply the grid look from floor to ceiling with Ferm Living's WallSmart wallpaper, a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is supposed to be easier and faster to hang.

In the new powder room, Jill Malek wallpaper adds graphic punch to custom cabinetry.

6. Animals Prints

Although animal prints have long been a popular choice for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and play areas, they can also serve as an intriguing option for living rooms and home bars. Even if it's just on one wall, these patterns can animate a space and add a sense of dynamism.  

Designtex mined the Charley Harper graphic archives with the help of designer and author Todd Oldham, who worked closely with Charley during his later years, and is currently the steward of the Harper archive. 

This Singapore apartment renovated by Takenouchi Webb has a guest bathroom with a marble vanity and walls covered in eye-popping pink flamingo printed wallpaper.

7. Bold Stripes 

Bold stripes help break up monochromatic walls, while also giving spaces a sophisticated, tailored look. More so, wallpapers with large stripes are a great way to enhance an imperial-looking concept, and provide strong focal points in bedrooms or dining areas. 

From designer staple Graham & Brown, the muted gray and mustard striped wallpaper pairs nicely with the warm tones in the mid-century furniture.

Here is a look at Graham & Brown’s Verve Stripe wallpaper that was used in a bedroom. The chrome lamp is vintage.




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